Game - how to play
interface description

Suppose, you've already chose a territory to begin, and have created your hero, so now you see something like this picture.
The blue note on left lets you to hear the music for this scene again. In the Special Edition up on right appears that
VIP sign. (click on it to see what is it) In the right upper corner of the scene there is a big circle with a territory logo in it. Click on it shows a compass. Click on the compass shows your exact location on the map. In the little circle abowe is your class sign. Fighter, Mystic, Artist, and before it discretely is your current level.
Every buttons on the right opens panels for what is written on it.
(click to see them and for more information) Above these buttons there is a little circle with x/+ sign. It hides/shows all of them. Such one circle seen near to the lower right corner shows/hide a slot bar containing fighting skills and supporting items used during the battles.