Well, by now I have only female characters available. As I said, this game came from upgrading my Samodiva game, so I had just a female body ready. When I create Samodiva's beloved knight, a male character will appear here too.
Now you can choose one of four races for your hero. Human, driada, satyrida, or demonica.
To the classic classes of fighters and mystics I add a class of artists. To use the power of words, music and imagination should be something very extraordinary.
You may add some individuality to your character by using different face type, color of eyes and hair, and different hair style.
Tattoos bring some magic influence for good or bad... Scars always come with some experience.
The most interesting by my opinion should be if you use a hero with a background story. A preset of qualities, pluses and minuses, and how you could rise and develop it at the end... I'll public these stories here later.