Deyata Vespel! The war-cry of the Knights of Light in battles against the worshippers of The Golden Snake.
Who can say what was the meaning for some forgotten ancient language in some other world? Some sais, it means "Bringing the Light", some thinks it means "the Power of Mind". Well, senturies ago there was a try with Power to Bring a Light to Minds of mindless ones obsessed by having things, but forgetting how to make that things. Should it be needed now again, when 7 unknown misfortunes came from 7 ends of that world once again...
I was impressed by the story of the world created by an young writer, and our friends from Atlantic group promissed to help with music, so we began. This project will take probably about two years before releasing even a demo version. Still you can enjoy now with some nice pictures, amazing lore and impressive music.