After many years of hard work, I can finally present Part I of this game.
Compared to my other games this one is huge.
There are around 35 places to visit filled with various things to do.
The first three quests are there to make you familiar with the world and the characters you may meet during your adventures.
It also features the first quest for becoming priest of knowledge.
Keep in mind this is still the first part and is far from perfect, take it more as an artwork.
Click on the DL button to download it
and just enjoy!

There is a ViP version with three more quests and content that is not recommended for kids plus some other extras.
So if you wish to prove your age and gain access to it or just to support my work, send 25 euros via PayPal to

!!!IMPORTANT!!! As PayPal no longer provides the sender's e-mail address I would need you to provide one in the note as well so I can send you the ViP files back.