There should be, of course, many strange creatures that could try to stop you in your adventure. Guards of some treasure, or just some hungry evil ones, like a succuba for example. You could be the savior of some beauty... or meet the Queen of Dead.
Also you may need the service of the Gnomes Trade Guild. They have a chain of
All Things Store almost everywhere.
You'll meet the
Scarecrow again as a training dummy. It helps you to improve your skills.

There are opponents, you can challenge at any time in any place. You have already met in my other games the funny imp Greedy, the nasty goblin Torbalan and Gororo the gnome fighter. Then, there is a driada Denira, satirida Kora, and fierce demonica Zamneris. At the end the beautiful Priestess of Light Lucina, and the King of Undead Tanoto, are eagerly waiting for you...