The Scarecrow 2005
Pearl's Dreams

As you are dreaming about that girl, you're flying through space and time to find her in her
dream. In some srtange place, in some strange situation, strange looking maybe... But what
ever then is she, sweet fairy, ugly reptile, a hairy beast, or fluffy pinky devil, she is your Pearl,
your tender passion, your True Ethernal Love!
Do not wake up her too early. Do not do so too late. Enjoy with her. Make her be happy, and
you will have, what you deserve...
"Pearl's Dreams" may become a new sub-series from "The Scarecrow" series. There may be several short stories, featuring the sleeping Pearl, and her awakening in different ambience, and of course in a different adventure. I try to keep in this game all funny things from the previous ones. There have to be some new too.

Dream One - Cloud Nine

She's sleeping,... And she is
on Cloud Nine in her pink dreams

"Cloud 9" is the first of Pearl's dreams. The girl is sleeping curled on a big platter flying high in the sky among pink clouds, with nine balloons of different colors drifting around. Black and white balloons can burst the others.
If it's done by the white one, some flower will fall from it, that can turn into something else, or turns her into something else... For hers, or for your pleasure. ;)
If the black balloon bursts some other one, the sky gets darker, the supporting clouds gets thinner, and thinner, and at last the poor girl falls on the ground...
Don't worry about her! She's not hurt much, because the magic cloud, even too thin, still supports her. The flowers, or objects, you have, fall with her. You can find some other objects there, and make Pearl enjoy more, but if the Shadow Demon come, there is no way to rid of him, as you do before...

Click on thumbnails to get full size images. They'd help you much more than words, since you could see what to expect to happen...

Cloud Nine!