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Since no one takes a bath dressed, this set is not recommended for kids!
Anyway, I've tryed to prevent this with some tricks... :-)

The Scarecrow 2001
Bath Time
Meet again your virtual girlfriend
in her bathroom.

1. - 3242K
2. - 5174K
3. - 5520K

'Bath Time' is a NEW stand alone set. It's not an addition to the previous releases of 'The Scarecrow'! To play the game, you have to create a new folder, let say named SC2001, and unzip there all the three ZIP files, then load in viewer 1sc2001b.CNF file.

Do not mix SC2001 'Bath Time' with SC2000, or SC1!!! Such action will destroy all games!
Even 'Bath Time' has the same dimensions as SC2000, and many files have the same names, they are different as size and positioning. For one year, till I made this set, Pearl grew up with some pixels too, and learned many other things to do. :-)

'Bath Time' is CKiSS, FKiSS3 set, and was developed for PlayFKiSS 0.83b. Probably the other viewers do not support CKiSS and FKiSS3. If you still have not PlayFKiss, get it!

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