Many people asked me for help, so in level 3 there are 2 online HELP screens! Click The Owl, or the sun, or the star...

The Scarecrow's fan Ian Wright have made a poeme from  my help hints.
Thanks so much Ian!!! And Pearl gives you all of her sweet kisses.:)))
Here it is:

* When it's Scarecrow's time to go,
Without her watch how will she know?

* A feathered friend will help your quest,
To feed a friend is always best.

* The Red Gnome tries to make you flee.
He won't succeed if he can't see.

* There comes a time when you must dig.
The work is hard, the prize so big.

* You stab the Green Gnome (who is vile)
Now, use the key and she will smile.

* A Gnome's moustache is neat and long
If it's cut short, he won't be strong

* There is a coin to play at chance
It just might help you to advance.

* A pumpkin's skin is hard and thick
To get inside, now there's a trick.

* A sweet bouquet, a kitten small
I think she'd like to have them all.

* Your kisses make her heart beat fast
and gasp with Love. She's yours at last.

* Unclothed, she stands before you now
But thunder rolls. You'll win, but how?

* To throw a knife you grasp the blade.
You must aim true to save your maid.

* The bird's green gem. You need that quick.
Some feathers, too. The knife's the trick.

* The clothes-pin's grip will cause such pain
There will be cries, there will be gain.

* The Magic Wand will bring great change
but pick the time, or things turn strange.

* Umbrellas shield against the sun
and other things, when all is done.

* The feathers' colours make a match
With Scarecrow's clothes? or gnomes to catch?

* Oh, what a pearl! A gift delayed
Lest it starts to wane and fade.

* The ruby has some strange effects
Some good, some bad. What will be next?

* A shooting star, her best blue gown.
How can you make that star come down?

* When she is dressed in Fairy blue
from head to toe, she'll love you true.
For in her heart  you'll  be The Best,
and in your dreams you will be blest.

                                                          Ian Wright
                                                                 23 May 2000

Oh, yes, the wedding ring... You should put it as she said at the end: "on scarecrow's hand". NOT on the girl's hand... hehehe... it's just a backdoor to the level 2, skipping level 1!

Hmmm... Was that right to take off all her clothes?... But if not... you'll miss the next adventure...

You can reach to the end in many ways. If you act differently, you'll have different results... but there is the only way to be that only The Best one!

Well, woman is always woman... You make her happy, but she always leave you at last... but if you punish her from time to time, she will stay with you as long as you wish to. :)))

Of course there is a secret backdoor straight to level 3 skipping levels 1 and 2. Just show The Owl, you have no time because she's waiting for you, siting somewhere there...

The Level 3 set makes retrospective changes to the whole game. If you have played the standalone Level 1 and Level 2 sets, then adding Level 3 makes changes from the beginning to the end. It's not quite the same game.


Do NOT try to unfix anything!!! Such action will destroy all animation!!! Also be patient when you play. Too fast clicking may cause program try to perform some command before the opposite one is completed and some animation may freeze...