The Scarecrow is a kind of Quest Game, with very interactive characters.
This  series is so full of "if you did this, but you didn't do that", that even I sometimes do not know how that girl will react to some actions.  Well, real life is more complicated and with a real woman sometimes you do not know what to do also.:)
You can even go to the end and at the same time miss half of the events and items hidden there! So, next time try something different. Use different items and you'll have different results. There is no one straight line as it is with other games. There are many crossed lines, as the life itself is.

Well, if I tell you everything step by step, would be there so much fun?... are some basic hints:

Level 1 "The Magic Garden"

* If you are rude to her, she will be rude to you... Did she make you so nervous, you would shoot her? Well, just to frighten her a bit, but if you frighten her too much, blame your self. * Do you think, she's ugly? But your kisses could be magic... * You are a gentleman and she expects you should protect her from the rain... * Tomorrow she'll have an examination of History of Art... That book is very important to her! * This umbrella is a magic one too... Just play a bit with it... * The Magic Garden is a beautiful place, but could be dangerous also... If you combine two blue jewels, she'll have a Protection Shield. You can activate it, or deactivate, pressing the jewel situated on her some so sweet point... * Hmmm... if she gives you too many kisses the very jealous Shadow Demon will come for her and will turn the poor girl into a real scarecrow... What is the weapon against the demons? A silver blade, or silver bullets. Do not forget to recharge your gun, before the Shadow Demon has come. * Oh, she has covered her self with Dream Cloak and has fallen asleep... There are several ways to wake her up... The gun... Ok, but if you do not remind her for tomorrow... she will asleep again. Or use some item for more funny way... Or third way... be more aggressive. * Well, even so nice magic has to have end. If you have got rid off the demon, it's time finally to use the key. Or if you have made her the happiest girl ever... And she will invite you to see her at her home, later this evening for celebration of her birthday. Just you and she alone.

Oh, yes, there is backdoor to the Magic Garden avoiding the rain... If you do not kiss the girl, but kiss... hehehe probably you'll never find it!

Level 2 "Pearl's Birthday"

* You are her guest, so behave yourself as a gentleman. Don't be in a hurry, the sweetest part comes at the end... * Her neighbor is a big gossiper, and she does not like the people telling... hmmm... some stories about her... * Oh, that boring little green imp Greedy! Actually he's not so bad, and he likes her much... just do not let him to eat the candle too. *Hey, all flowers need water to stay alive for long time... *With glasses full of old magic wine, say "Cheers!" to your love with clear heart. Do not regret about broken glass... the people says, that's just for happiness, and the nice magic will take you closer to your Sweetheart. *She's a student in Academy of Arts, do you remember? So let her enjoy drawing a sketch of you.  * Pearl is a romantic girl. And in semidarkness, when a magic music sounds, she probably will give you all, you've dreamed long, long nights about... *Well, if she has got cold earlier this evening, when it was raining, there is a heater in the room. *The water, then the warmth can make this room be full of roses. *The love flowers can become a magic drink and even empty glass of it has power of magic pleasure... *She'll not let to everyone to see everything she has, but only to another woman she'll tell the true about herself. *Hehehe... girls like to play with dresses... and Pearl could be a lady or an angel, or just a country girl or a Heavy Metal rocking star! Would you teach her to play guitar? Notice, it should be the right melody she'll play at the end of this nice party for just you both...
*Oh yes, the book "History of Art"... The art is magic by it self. The magic is inside the every artifact you can take. From old prehistoric times to the modern present, or maybe future? Where or when, in which worlds it could send her? For Goodness or for Evil?... If you have challenged the Evil, there is no weapon, neither powerful enough magic against it is available... The only thing you could do is so simple, the little child can do... :)))) What a baby does with a toy, he doesn't like anymore? :)

If you reach to the bad end, this time you do not need to reload entire game. Give the staff to The Owl and you'll be back. Hmmm... as punishment you'll loose some items, but it's not so bad, since you'll lose some of her dresses also... :)
Of course, there is a backdoor to  Pearl's house frontdoor, avoiding the Magic Garden level, if you are lazy to play the game from the beginning... The key is: "Night flowers are white, for pleasure of the creatures flying at the nights"

Do NOT try to unfix anything!!! Such action will destroy all animation!!! Also be patient when you play. Clicking too fast  may cause the program to try to perform some command before the opposite one is completed and some animation may freeze...

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