The Scarecrow is a kind of Quest Game, with very interactive characters.
It is so full of "if you did this, but you didn't do that", that even I sometimes do not know how that girl will react to some actions.  Well, real life is more complicated and with a real woman sometimes you do not know what to do also.:)
You can even go to the end and at the same time miss half of the events and items hidden there! So, next time try something different. Use different items and you'll have different results. There is no one straight line as it is with other games. There are many crossed lines, as the life itself is.

Well, if I tell you everything step by step, would be there so much fun?... are some basic hints:

The Scarecrow 3
Bath Time
Meet again your virtual girlfriend
in her bathroom.

Since Pearl is a dream creation and this set is full of magic, I think it's better if I give you here some citations from an old manuscript 'The Basic Instructions For Young Mages'.  This ancient knowledge could lead you through the game, and through the real life too, but since it was not for common people... you should make some brain efforts, to discover for yourself, what is the actual meaning of these words. So, think about yourself as for a Chosen One. Good luck!   Since this book begins with the sentence:
"There is no one path for all, but there is a path for everyone."

* Watch your self, since what you do, could bring the same to you.
* Don't force the goodness, since the goodness may be your force.
* The dark way is easier to do, and hide the shame,
but if you keep your heart in a darkness for more long time,
you'll loose it, and all of the life.

* Should you break the wall, to find a key, that opens the door?
*You can find a piece of gold, where the others dump the dirt.
* Just Love is not enough, to have, what you'll have in a wedding night.
* Making love is a common pleasure for common ones,
but if a beating heart is full of Love, it opens Gate to Paradise.
* Protect from Evil yourself, to protect the ones, you love.

* The pink brings you into a pink dream.
* The shining blue brings you the sky.
* The blue could be also... wild.
* The blue-green is strange sometimes.
* The green is a blooming life.
* The yellow is sun, health, beginning of the things.
* The white is clearness, and coldness, and the end.

* One rose is all the others.
* One star rules all the others.
* They both could unchain the chains,
that Evil puts on the body, or on the brains.

* Reflections may have their own life,
and they can try to show you, if you are right.
* You need to have a bright mind.
* You need to have a living speech.
* You need to have a beating heart.
* You should be ready to be responsible for a new life.
* And if you have already learned
how to bring the Energy of Earth to Heavens,
you will deserve The White Robe and a wreath of modest flowers.
* And then a simple white flower in your hand
will have the power of a magic wand.

* Welcome! The Portal to Dreamland is opened for you.
Now you can go there and be back at any time.
* Just never forget! To give always brings back to you more,
than if you just get. 

Well, my friends, here it was the last puzzle from The Owl. The order, you'll use that hints in the game, could be not the same as it's presented above. But the game is one thing, the ancient wisdom is the other, and the life itself is third... Anyway, just enjoy!

The Owl

P. S. If you reach to the bad end, you do not need to reload entire game. Let The Owl's old eyes to see this once again, and you'll be at the beginning. Hmmm... where were these glasses?...
Also, if Pearl escapes from you into the Magic Garden, the passion would not success to bring her back in her bathroom, but tenderness for sure would... :-)

Oh, yes, another thing. Since no one takes a bath dressed, this set is not recommended for kids!
Anyway, I've tryed to prevent this with some tricks... :-) If they make you nervous,... go there


Do NOT try to unfix anything!!! Such an action will destroy all the animation!!! Also be patient when you play. Clicking too fast may cause the program to try to perform some command before the previous one is completed and some animation may freeze...

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