The Scarecrow is a kind of Quest Game, with very interactive characters.
It is so full of "if you did this, but you didn't do that", that even I sometimes do not know how that girl will react to some actions.  Well, real life is more complicated and with a real woman sometimes you do not know what to do also.:)
You can even go to the end and at the same time miss half of the events and items hidden there! So, next time try something different. Use different items and you'll have different results. There is no one straight line as it is with other games. There are many crossed lines, as the life itself is.

Well, if I tell you everything step by step, would be there so much fun?...

The Scarecrow 2002

Pearl is  working as a waitress in a fast food store
and you are just a customer...

What makes this game different than the previous games of "The Scarecrow" series, are few new things, you should be aware of.
First, Pearl is very movable, do NOT do anything when she walks, exept if you want to change her direction, clicking on her hands.
Second, the game is time limited! You have about one hour to be with her for each night.
Third, except the positive score (kisses) now you have negative score (black points) appearing on the right down corner of the screen. Keep attention on this, since if you have more than five black points, Pearl will send you out rightaway! :)
This game is very easy to play. You have to order something from menu leaf, and Pearl will bring you this. Greedy the imp will try to eat and drink everything.  He is kind in his way, and for some items he steals, he brings some other items in return. But the point is, that, yes, you need all of his things to see all possible events of the game, and at the same time you have to keep some food and some drinks from him, to make Pearl pleasant. You'd like if she fall in love with you, do you?:)))
After you understand what is what from the menu leaf, you can choose your strategy to win her heart.

Here are few hints.

* Some sweets will bring you her sweet kisses.
* Some drinks will give you even more...
* Some salads can be not of what you think.
* Some meals hide some big surprise.
Inside it there may be another one,
but only magic can discover this...

* The jingle of two full glasses, the same,
like two same hearts, are turning into one...
* And there is pure Love! Light lke pink cloud,
pleasant tender touch, but so fragile it is...
So easy is to loose it... So much happines it brings,
and so much tears, if it escapes from you...

* You have that magic, to turn a common waitress,
into a shining princess! She'll show you then
her real nature, all of her beauty, and appreciation.
* Just be sure, there is time enough...
or happiness could be for just a moment.

* The dark servant of the Fairy Queen
has no mercy, if he win!
What could stop him? Some silver weapon?
The rooster's voice?
Or just he is afraid to be a servant of yours!

*Well, take her hand, and she will follow you.
Win her heart, and she will stay with you.
*Use all of your magic, to turn this nextdoor girl
into a princess, of her secret dreams...
*Bright like a star, is her tender love!
Then will Owl's call just let you down,
or the Fairy will take you  in the Paradise?

Well, my friends, since it is just a beta versoion, there could be some bugs, and you still have less items than I planned to put into this game... After I receive your feedback about this version, I'll add more hints, depending of what you need. Just enjoy!

If you reach to the some end, you do not need to reload entire game, if you'd like to play it again in another way. Let The Owl smell some flowers, and you'll be at the beginning. Or if you unfortunatelly were turned into a pumpkin, well, click on yourself. :)))


Do NOT try to unfix anything!!! Such an action will destroy all the animation!!! Also be patient when you play. Clicking too fast may cause the program to try to perform some command before the previous one is completed and some animation may freeze...

Screen Shots!