TWO - Owl
It was at a nice hot summer night...
One of these nights, when the stars on sky are shining brighter, than all of the other nights. The Milky Way, was like a scarf of silver star dust. Like Galaxy was trying to hug the Earth. The big full golden Moon was hanged on the ridge of mountain on the west. It's light was making strange shadows on that strange land. Since it was that Magic Night, when the real things were looking so unreal, and unreal ones were becoming more real than the real ones...

An owl was drifting in the air above the trees in the lap of the mountain. It seamed that that creature of the night was looking for something. Suddenly the bird changed it's flight direction towards some high rocks. They looked so strange, weird, mysterious.. Were they a play of nature, or human hands were formed them? Or were they some formidable creatures from times of magic, turned into stones by some great powerful mage? Some ruins, from maybe old ancient times, were connecting these rocks. Still some wall here, like it appears from the rock. Some white marble column there, still standing straight. Some others broken lying down around.. Some part of stone railing, carved as a fine tracery, still keeping it's elegant beauty..
The owl landed there, on a place that seemed to be a part of some tower. It was so tired! It was flying all the night, following the call of his heart.. trying to feel, to remind something.. or some one. The owl only knew, it had to find that right magic place, before that magic night had ended! It was there. So, the tired bird could rest now. It closed its big amber eyes. It was so nice to feel the old spirit of that place. The power of Universe, that was coming to it from the sky. The owl let its mind fly back in time, and the time ran towards it! A breezy wind ruffled bird's soft feathers, bringing to its ears a triumphant beautiful music. The music of Celestial Spheres! And it becomes louder and louder...

The Owl opened his eyes, and looked down to his... hands. He touched his face. A soft short beard, long hair curling over his shoulders.. He was a man again! He laughed exultantly, then he take a look around. That man was lying on a big white bed, with carved columns on its four angles. Semitransparent white canopy around, waved by a breezy wind, coming from among the nice marble columns, forming the opening to a big terrace at the far end of the room in front of him. The room was big, it's walls were hiding in the darkness, but he knew, there should be the nice oil painting pictures on them and swords and a shield, and some other weapon hanged there too. The Moon light was flooding the green marble floor, and the terrace, making the strange shadows from the tracery carved railing. He knew that down under it, there was a nice garden, with the most beautiful flowers of Dreamland, as he could hear the magnificent songs of the nightingales, that always lived there. The man laughed happily again. He was in his favorite bedroom, in his own castle! After a thousand years past, he was finally back!!
He looked at himself again. It seamed everything's all right.. He try to feel the Universal Force, the magic power just called Love. He looked at his heart, and he found there a vision of a young woman with a nice reddish hair, beautiful blue eyes, and so charming smile.. And, yes! He felt that power filling him! Shivering all his body from toes to the top, making a golden aura to shine around him.
It seams he had his magic power back! But for real use the Power of Love are needed two... Was really somewhere a girl which soul vibrations replied to his ones?  The girl, who could love a just a bird, some owl?..
Oh, but where and when, that Princess of his heart was now?! Was it not enough, that they were separated maybe by a half of world, but by a thousand of years too!!
Well, what the Power of Love is for then!?! The man rose his hands, his brows wrinkled, trying to concentrate. Between his hands formed a little glowing point. He closed his eyes, and try to send all of his tender feelings, all of his ardent desire, all of his love there.. The glowing point became a big whirl of flames. Than he told a spell, he called her. "My dear beloved! Just hear me! Please, feel me!.. Be with me!!!..." The whirl turned faster in a crazy dance of flames, growing and growing. An opening appeared in it's center, and a beam of nice blue light came from it. Did she hear his desperate call? Did she feel his longing about her through the space and time?? Oh, yes! Nothing could be impossible if two souls, two clear minds are searching for each-other !! And that light beam was a reply coming right from her heart! The man felt it, and with a happy smile he opened his heart, his mind, towards this beam to intertwine her feelings with his ones. And the beautiful bright bleu light flooded all around..

"Hi!.. I'm here.." Even no one of fairies could have so nice and sweet voice, like this, he heard! So tender, so innocent, with such intonations, revealing her so sensitive nature, that just melted his heart. At the same time he felt a warm soft girl's body in his arms. The man opened wide his eyes, and they met her wonderful ocean-blue eyes.
"Ah, did you take me here, my Charming Prince... or..", she blushed shyly, noticing just now, that he was completely naked, until she was dressed in a nice white silken nighty. Anyway, she snuggled happily to his chest. " just came in my dream..", they finished her sentence together. She could hear his heart beating like if it wanted to jump out. His fingers fondled tenderly her face, touching so gently her brows, nose, lips, chin, cheeks.. As for him she was the most sensitive, fragile, and precious thing ever!
"How nice your hair is!.." the man whispered, his hands enjoying with caressing it. Her long beautiful hair was streaming down, like a copper-golden waterfall, almost to the her delicate  ankles, over her bonny pale shoulders, letting them shine like mother-pearl on the moon light.  His eyes were smiling, full of love.. The girl smiled too, but then she was upset of something. "Was it... was it my hair, you like the most of all of me??" The girl asked with a hesitating voice.
"Hummmm.. Let me see, what of you I like the most of all!", he smiled, "it is.. your smallish nose!" He kissed her nose, and she giggled  surprised. Her eyes opened wide, since she couldn't believe much to this. The man noticed what her face expressed, and laughed, "No??.. Then it's your chin!", he kissed her little chin. "Or.. this, what is between...", the man said playfully, his lips found her slightly opened lips in a tender kiss. She kissed him quickly in return, then her fine tender arms embraced him tight, their lips connected again, their tongues caressing each-other in an ardent play. Young woman's body curved like a bow in his arms. She snuggled up to him as close as she could. Warm, full of desire suppressed for so long time...
"But how it could be?", you'll say, "They didn't even knew each-other!" It could! Since everything is possible in dreams.
And the world had disappeared!.. The Universe was just an eternal pink cloud!.. Nothing still exist, except this girl, the Princess of Sweet Dreams, and her wizard, her knight, her magic Prince of Night, The Owl!

They were lying on that huge white bed, still breathing hard. Still embraced, completely satisfied, a bit wet, very tired, and very very happy. The man sighed deeply, then released her gently, and carefully went back of her. He was looking at her magnificent young body with such gentle pleasure... She smiled shyly, as actually she did so too. They both just could not take their glowing by blissful love eyes off each-other.
"I love you!!", they both said at the same time. "You are my dream...", they said this again at the same time smiling happily. Then the young woman closed her beautiful eyes, and... she fell asleep.
Even both of them had said the same, this time they had meant different things. The girl had meant that all of what had happened then, had been just a part of her dream, as she had been sleeping in her bed at home. The man had meant something more. "You are my dream!" he said again looking at the sweetly sleeping girl, his heart overflowed by tenderness, "You are everything, that I've dreamed about for all of my life!!!"

The first beams of the rising sun, slid there, and like a soft rubber, make dimmed, then disappeared the picture you've just seen.
An old owl was sleeping  in a dark hole, somewhere in some ancient ruins.
A nice girl was sleeping in her bed, in some common home, somewhere in the wide world.
And a nice smile was still shining happily on her sweet lips...


The Owl