Something I wrote, when my soul was burning with burned words, that no one was there to hear them...



I stopped the moment
at the edge between two years.
I stopped my heart
and left it listening to yours
from thousands miles of distance.
Around sounded dully glasses
Inside me sounded just your name...


I still wander
        what did you do to me?
How my crystal structured mind,
                       I was so proud with,
was turned
        to the burned
How could you wake up in me
       forgotten things,
                     for so long time ago?
You gave me power
      to rise my dragon wings
to feel again how beautiful
                           the life can be...
So little thing was needed
             to make a soul to sing...
One, but the most of all,
             so much important,
                      so precious thing...


I'm smiling to the sun.
My soul is singing
with the birds
and everything around
is shining full of love,
because of love, you give me.

And wild creatures come to me
to feel a bit of what I feel.
I play with tender wind
I talk with flowers
and hundreds trembling butterflies
are landing over me...

Than came an innocent creature,
a little child, and asked me:
"Hey, are you Jesus Christ?"
"Oh, Lord, forgive me!"-I reply
"I'm just an old, bad sinner,
but very, very happy one... :)"


I've been flying
in twilight
moving hard my tired wings
I've been trying
to make this world of black and white
with only grayed shades around,
be full of colors...

This world should be beautiful
I thought, it isn't fair, not to be...
It must be light somewhere
It have to be! Somehow...

And there was a light
I saw coming from the sky!
A creature who can fly
was coming, just to tell me "Hi"
and whole world become to shine...

It was just miracle!
Somebody else could fly
with me in sky, in worlds
of my imagination, where I was alone,
with love of just the same kind...

So unbelievable...
I was able just to say:
"Hey, be with me. Just stay!
Together we can light new stars,
create new worlds,
and just forever live!"

How could I just forget,
            just does not exist...


It's raining now over me.
It's cold and lashing rain
with taste of bitter tears...

It's thunder storm around me
it is cruel wind, biting the trees
and shouted birds
are falling down
with hopeless screaming...

Dying beautiful dreams
are now falling down ,
with no regret, no mercy
smashed on the ground
in the mud, in the dirt of the earth...

Oh, God!
Why this rain has taste
of bitter tears!... Why!!!


I have been watching sunset once...
Whole day the huge red globe
has given light and warm to us.
The sun was lying so hardly tired .
Before the darkness to take the rules,
sun's beams
               converted world to dream.
So beautiful the sunsets are
because we know - tomorrow
                       the sun will rise again.
So terrible the soul's sunsets are.
For this will never be tomorrow!


The Owl

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