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Samodiva - SPIRIT - NEW!!!
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Living Pictures 1 - a teaser

Welcome to the Samodiva's magic forest! Twice wider view than the original game. Free and safe for kids.
Now you can see some of the basic events in the game before to play it, which is not so easy. Just stay and watch, as if it is a movie. This is a Samodiva teaser.
There is some interactivity yet. If you still are too impatient, click on the Owl's logo, and some special buttons will appear.
To enjoy with the first of my Living Pictures, take the zips below, and unzip them in the same folder.
And do not forget, that my games work in
PlayFKiSS only! - 10731 KB - 10385 KB

There is a Special Version of course, where you may see more of the girl, and even something from the next part of the game - Samodiva - Spirit, that's coming soon,
along with a little description of what is what.
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Samodiva The Game
This game is not recomended for kids at all!
So, there is not a configuration file (CNF) along with the basic files, you can download from the links below.

If you'd like to enjoy with the whole magic beauty of this divine creature,
please send
5 EURO to via PayPal
Then I will send you that CNF file, you have to put along with the basic files, and load in the player to play.
You can play all of my games with PlayFKiSS 0.83b. Take it from
HERE. It's a freeware.

Download basic files - 5113 KB - 4548 KB - 3370 KB - 6291 KB

Here is the recent update - 6401 KB - - - NEW!!!

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