The Scarecrow 4
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actually it is "Hot Chicken - fast food 2"
... but now the Shadow Demon is the waiter.

When you put on him the Pearl's apron, he become your servant, and in some circumstances he brings you ... Pearl in a plate, like a main meal! Ah, what a really Hot Chick(en)! :-)
Do not believe him! He's smart. He's tricky. He just makes you be a fool, leaving you with her with laughter. The poor girl is badly cursed in a deep dream, and you have to find out how to break it, and save her. Every mistake will bring you both in one of the dark places in the Dreamland, where the Evil still rules.
Just for fun, the Shadow Demon will still give you some chance more. Just to enjoy of your suffering before you loose your beloved Pearl forever...

Well, I still do not know what else will be in this story, but you still can take a look.

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