The Scarecrow 2010
Pearl's Dreams 3


As she was sleeping sweetly in her bed,
suddenly she woke up deep in
a dark unknown forest, quite alone...

The THIRD of Pearl's Dreams is about how The Fairy Queen decides to bring back Pearl in the Dreamland by herself.
She trys to seduce the innocent girl, pretending, that she is Pearl's twin sister. It's much fun if you let her do so, or not, making Greedy to bring you items, transforming flowers make also new clothes and special items, etc.
You have a really Recicle Bin and using it in a right way may give you dresses of pure energy and an Angelic Circlet, but be careful with useing them... You can seal The Fairy Queen and it's really hard to find which is the order, and which are the stars you have to light in the code disc, to unlock that Chastity Belt. Well, I help you a bit... it may be x, or may be +...
It's the Part One available by now.

In the Part Two, The Fairy Queen finds the way to the Nowhere and takes Pearl with her there. The Nowhere place is a place of no escape, and who falls asleep there can be taken by The Shadow Demon... But who of both girls can asleep first?
warning!: The game is visually safe for children, but still I do not recommend to let them play it, because of some behaviour of The Fairy Queen that can make them to ask you some simple questions with very difficult answers... ;)

TBut if you really want the really HOT, HOTTER, HOTTEST version of this game go here special files

Click on thumbnails to get full size images. They'd give you some idea, what to expect to happen...

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