The Scarecrow 2006
Pearl's Dreams 2

Winter Tale

It's winter time on snowbound land,
and a sweet girl is there, sealed in a big ice crystal,
dreaming about you!

Here it is, the SECOND of Pearl's Dreams.
You have to find a way to unlock the magical ice crystal and, wake up the enchanted sleeping beauty.
But once the magic is gone, the cold reality is not so good to prefere it... If the Wish Fish may come... and it performs at least one emergency wish... it could be fine... It could be fun!!!
To the end, when you can turn the girl into other looking creatures, you may obtain some special magic objects. Not, if you play the kidsafe version, but still here is what they actually are.
From an irresponsible creature you can take The Ring Of Duty.
The creature that is a dream, gives you The Bubble Of The Dreams.
From an irrational creature you can take The Star Of Mind.
If not such beauty, but still a beautiful one, may let you have The Rose Of Beauty.
An at last, the one who is more ancient than we are, can give you The Egg Of Life.

Because Pearl's Duty is to make nice Dreams, and using Mind to bring the
Beauty to our Life
! ;)

Click on thumbnails to get full size images. They'd give you some idea, what to expect to happen...

Winter Tale!