Try this little sample.
KiSS is an abbreviation for Kisekae Set System
Developed in Japan since March 1991 as a program for digital "Paper Dolls" of 16, or 256 color images. "Kisekae" is a Japanese word for "changing dresses". Soon KiSS become very popular all over the word.
Next development was FKiSS (French KiSS), adding a script written in a simple programming language, which allows to make characters and objects very interactive.
Also, there are sounds, music, and many other effects.
CKiSS (Cherry Kiss) was the next step, adding true color, including an alpha channel for variable transparency. So, here already was a way for creating much amusing games, with a high quality graphic.

 KiSS sets (games), are a bunch of images, sounds, and a configuration file, which manages the events in the game. Usually all of this is compressed in a LZH file.
Still, to play a KiSS set, you need to load it in a program called "KiSS Viewer". Well, the inconvenience of having one program to run the other one, is compensated of, that you can run with this KiSS viewer thousands of KiSS sets, you can find in the net.
I suggest to use PlayFKiSS 0.83b by Chad Randall. Go to his page to get this freeware. or to: where you can also find hundreds of KiSS sets.

The sample, presented here illustrates what a simple KiSS set is.
Click several times on dresses on her, if you want to take them off. :)

But MY GAMES are not just a "kisekae". They are very interactive QUEST games. FAIRY TALES, prolonged stories after stories, about magic, beauty, and love.
They are very different from everything, you've seen before.
The girl, you see here, talks, walks, jumps, falls... even she can fall in love... with YOU. :)
But if you do not behave like a gentleman, you'll lose her very soon!
Well, she's not easy, but she can do almost everything, what the real girl does, and even more!
She can turn into other creatures. She can take you in some magic places...
Because actually she is a fairy! Yes, she is that one! The Fairy of Your Sweetest Dreams...

See the screen shots, read the story , to understand what really I mean.


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