About The Scarecrow 2

Almost from the beginning
Level 1 - The Magic Garden

It's really the story before that part, you already know from playing The Scarecrow 1-st version game... The story about how, and why, this girl became a scarecrow. The story about...well, for more read "The Story" page, please.:)
Level 1 of the new SC2000 game became larger than all previous sets I've done, As a compressed LZH file it would load slowly and run slower or even freeze on slow computers with low memory. So, now it's ZIP file, you have to unzip it into its own folder, then open 1sc2k.cnf in your KiSS viewer.

Level 2 - Pearl's Birthday

This time I pay more attention to the design of details and Pearl's wardrobe, than to puzzle part, so this level is easier to play. Anyway it's really huge. The Scarecrow 2000 now has 778 cels and 1738 events. You'll hear about 150 sounds and there are 7 music tracks on her CD player. Drawing sketches of "you", she'll try to recognize if you are younger or older man, or if you are a woman. Her reactions will be a bit different, depending of this, and not all of items will be available for all players.
This is a birthday, well, full of magic because of Love itself is here... So, enjoy with Pearl, and just try not to loose her.... :)
If you reach to the bad end, this time you do not need to reload entire game. Give the staff to The Owl and you'll be back.
Well, as punishment for your bad behavior, you'll lose some items, but sometimes it's not so bad...:)
There are several ends in that part. Do not expect someone of them is the very winning one... The game is far from to the end. There will be next levels... someday... next millenium... :))))

Files of Pearl's Birthday, as second level of The Scarecrow 2 are just an addition, and you could not play this part as stand alone set. So, unzip files in the same folder, The Magic Garden is. Let several files be replaced by the new ones, then load 2scrcr2k.cnf.


Do NOT try to unfix anything!!! Such an action will destroy all the animation!!! Also be patient when you play. Clicking too fast may cause the program to try to perform some command before the previous one is completed and some animation may freeze...

The Scarecrow is a Quest Game a bit, with very interactive characters. How to play it? See the "Help page"...


The Scarecrow 2 is NOT a part of, or addition to The Scarecrow 1-st version! Unzip its files ("Magic Garden"+"Pearl's B-day") into its own folder, different than the folder of The Scarecrow1! Be sure, you DO NOT MIX  ''the Scarecrow 1" with "the Scarecrow 2000"!!!
If you do that, you'll destroy both games! Some items will be replaced with the others and even girl's legs and hand will be not the same and not on their right place.

"The Scarecrow" series took many years of hard work and still takes much of my time. What I have shown here is just a little part of what I already have and what is on my mind about The Scarecrow. Any support, sponsoring, or donation that will help me to keep that work FREE in the net, will be very appreciated!

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