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Here is a new magic story for you....

Have you read the "Family Legend" page? So you know, how this unbelievable love between a knight, and samodiva, between a heavenly creature, and a human being, was ended... Well, but once you were in a true pure love, could you ever forget it? So she has decided to be back. To leave the Heavens, and be just a human being. To get old, and die with her beloved...
She came back on the Earth, but... she was late for 700 years! Her brave knight was dead in fight for the freedom of his land so long time ago. So much had changed! So bad spells of Hate, and Envy, had put on this land of Love and Happiness. But the samodiva was ready for everything to rise her knight from the Earth. She was ready to went through Fire, Water, Wind . To  summon The Spirit, and resurrect her Only Love.

She finds that right magic place, where that new game begins. And you will lead her in her mission. It will not be easy. The Evil Forces could be more powerful than you think. Even they can turn her into a "satyrida", a naughty forest monster, and make her completely forget who was she, and why she's here...
And in this forest still lives another legendary creature. The goblin Torbalan. He steals everything he sees, and put it in his big bag, then hide these things in his secret hiding places. He means himself a collectioner, not a thief, because he never use these items. Well, some of them are not usefull at all, but some of the others may help you much..

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