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What is Samodiva?
A heavenly creature from Balkans in Europe

Also known as Vila, Samovila, Samodiva is the most beautiful creature of our legends... Samodivas, yes, they are many, are immortal keepers of the nature. They look like very young beautiful women, with very long, very light blonde hair, and very pale skin, dressed with almost transparent white long dress made from moon light. This magic dress let them fly without wings, and gives them the magic protection power.
Samodivas do not like human beings much. Because humans have the power of destruction, and they always damage the Holy Nature. So these good creatures hide in the deepest forests, and appear only at the nights.  Usually they fly on groups of three, seven, or twelve sisters, landing here and there, trying to cure damaged plants, and hurt animals.
Samodivas prefer some special places in the forests where they like to dance, and sing for their own fun. Where their feet touch the ground, there bloom the magic flowers. If you find in the woods a round glade, covered with soft short grass, it's probably such place. And if there are still blooming little white flowers, samodivas were dancing here just last night.
Ah, you missed to see the most magnificent scene in your life! Don't regret so much. To see samodivas could be very dangerous... Their dancing delicate bodies, their graceful movements, their so charming voices are so fascinating, that you just loose your mind. The only thing, you can think is just to be with them, to touch this silky hair, to fondle this pearl skin, to kiss these fresh lips with scent of forest flowers...  But if you have some bad thoughts in your mind, samodiva can turn you into a wolf, boar, or some other worst and uglier animal, or just into a stone! Let say, you are a nice guy, and some samodiva really kiss you. You are completely lost then! You'll completely forget everything of this world. You'll think about her only, and you'll look for her all of your days and nights, till you die with broken heart! Well, there is still a chance to resist of samodivas charisma, if you are deeply in love with another girl. :)
What if you are a girl? Samodivas could make you dance with them, till you fall on the ground deadly exhausted... Sometimes they take some girls with them, and no one see them anymore. Maybe kidnapped girls become samodivas too? Who knows...
Though, here is a way to catch a samodiva. What samodivas like the most of all, is to take bath in some nice pool of some forest river. They leave their magic dresses on the coast, and then they go in the water, laughing, sprinkling each-other, playing, and enjoying for hours. If you are a brave man, you may steal some of samodiva's dress, and hide it, without be seen by entertaining beauties. When everybody fly away, one of them will stay, looking for her dress. Remember, without her dress, she cannot fly, and she cannot put a bad spell on you, since she loose the half of her power. Undressing, samodiva turns into a human being, and then she may be yours!

People still believe, that these magic creatures still exist in our land. There is a special Holy Day in the summer time, when sick people find these samodiva's places, and sleep there holding samodiva's flowers. May samodivas, the nature keepers, come, and cure them... Because, never forget, WE are a part of the nature too! Sometimes these good pitiful creatures help. There still are miracles in our holy land, if you believe...

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