About the Game

1. The corn field
Devil Woman

2. Magic Garden
Pearl's Birthday

3. Bath  Time

Would you believe, that a scarecrow may have a heart? And you can turn such an ugly thing into a beautiful girl? Even more! She can also fall in love with...YOU.:))) Just remember, if you do not behave like a gentleman, you will lose her very quickly...
because she's something special..., but what?
A FAIRY, or just a DEVIL?...

"The Scarecrow" is a FKiSS set. You have to install a FKiSS player /viewer/  (it's free!!!) to open this game in it.
Gee...what's good to install one programm just to run another in it?
Hehehe...It's wonderful, because if you go to
Big_KiSS_Page you can download thousands of other little KiSS games, to play them with the same viewer. 
One program for 1000 games, and a lot of fun!


The Scarecrow is a Quest Game a bit, with very interactive characters. How to play it? See the "Help page"...
Do NOT try to unfix anything!!! Such an action will destroy all the animation!!! Also be patient when you play. Clicking too fast may cause the program to try to perform some command before the previous one is completed and some animation may freeze...


The Scarecrow sets are TOO LARGE for loading as usual - LZH basic set, then expansion sets one after other... This will cause every next set to load slower and slower. So it is better to make a folder and extract all the LZH files in it. The game then will load for about a minute. It will run faster, and requires less RAM to run. Some files will be overwritten by next extracted sets. I've changed them a bit and their position too for next levels. Load only the latest ***.CNF file. You can delete the older ones.

If you have no LHA compressor/extractor, here is a freeware... LHA.zip

"The Scarecrow" series took many years of hard work and still takes much of my time. What I have shown here is just a little part of what I already have and what is on my mind about The Scarecrow. Any support, sponsoring, or donation that will help me to keep that work FREE in the net, will be very appreciated!