About The Scarecrow 3                 
Bath Time
Meet again your virtual girlfriend

in her bathroom.

If you behave nice with her, she probably would ask you to soap her back, and then... the Magic never ends!
You could find seven ways to make her different in seven ways... She could be a girl, a beast, a reptile, a pink devil, a plant-girl, a fairy, and even an ice statue. Different looking - different behavior. Yours and hers too. You could enjoy much with her in every of her transformations, but you could loose her too, since if something is good for Pearl in some of her appearances, could not be good in another one! The most of objects could be turned into another ones, and some others she would give you, but in the right of her transformations for the right object. You'll need all of the objects at the final part.
Could you keep her being with you all the time? She can throw you out, or just escape from you, because of your bad behavior, or you can loose her, since you know - The Evil never sleeps... The envy gnome can take a  magic look at her through the mirror, and call the Shadow Demon then... or a nasty little green ancient idol will become alive and accidentally will come, and force her...
And she will be turned again into an ugly Scarecrow, situated somewhere in the Dreamland in the nasty gnome's corn field!
But since YOU are there, I hope, the sweet Pearl is safe... So, have fun!

The Owl  

P.S. If you reach to the bad end, you do not need to reload entire game. Let The Owl's old eyes to see this once again, and you'll be at the beginning. Hmmm... where were the glasses?...
Also, if Pearl had escaped from you into the Magic Garden, the passion would not success to bring her back in her bathroom, but tenderness for sure would... :-)


Do NOT try to unfix anything!!! Such an action will destroy all the animation!!! Also be patient when you play. Clicking too fast may cause the program to try to perform some command before the previous one is completed and some animation may freeze...

The Scarecrow is a Quest Game a bit, with a very interactive character. How to play it? See the "Help page"...


'Bath Time' is a NEW stand alone set. It's not an addition to the previous releases of 'The Scarecrow'! To play the game, you have to create a new folder, let say named SC2001, and unzip there all the three ZIP files, then load in viewer 1sc2001b.CNF file.

Do not mix SC2001 'Bath Time' with SC2, or SC1!!! Such action will destroy all games!
Even 'Bath Time' has the same dimensions as SC2000, and many files have the same names, they are different as size and positioning. For one year, till I made this set, Pearl grew up with some pixels too, and learned many other things to do. :-)

'Bath Time' is CKiSS, FKiSS3 set, and was developed for PlayFKiSS 0.83b. Probably the other viewers do not support CKiSS and FKiSS3. If you still have not PlayFKiss, get it!



 "The Scarecrow" series took many years of hard work and still takes much of my time. What I have shown here is just a little part of what I already have and what is on my mind about The Scarecrow. Any support, sponsoring, or donation that will help me to keep that work FREE in the net, will be very appreciated!