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What is in mind, does it exist? Or not, what is not in mind does not? For you it is, but what if some other one cannot see it? So open your mind now and see...

There were Minds that could made what is in mind be truth. The immaterial existence to exist in matter. And you can see, and touch, and feel it, and it is really real. They were Creators. They could light the stars, and then create the worlds around them. Then let there be a spark of life, because they were the life itself.
And at the end there should be created a thinking thing, that could create, as they created it.
They were Creators, but they could be Destroyers too. What some ones do, the others may undo. We simply call them GODS. Both. Creating and distruction are all around in fight, but in a balance. The Universe still stay, so gorgeous in so perfect harmony.
For creating of this world the Creators were all seven. Or the Creator has devided itself to seven parts, to do this work much faster. It doesent matter, but this world become the seven times more splendid, than all the others.


  Were these Gods all Gods Creators, but at least one of them was a God Destroyer? We couldn't say, but we could see high in the mountains the crystals, ore, minerals, that could be born under extreme pressure, and high temperature only, that could exist deep in the burning heart of the world only. The oldest legends said it was a time when the black envy of one of the Gods had turned all of what the others had created upside down! Almost entire world was wrapped in flames, obscured by smoke, but when the ground had chilled at last, and smoke had gone, a new shining crystal world revealed, twice more beautiful than it was before. We named this world-wide event The First Cataclysm. But till now times, two more of them had come... The first one had devided the ground from water, water from the air, and had locked the fire deep down under these three powers. And then it was the time for Life creating. Until today we knew about six designs of life, since six of gods have had created it.
*The first were the smallest ones. So small, that was invisible. Neither plants, nor animals. Useing everything around to bild themselves; water, air, light, other ones. Then just devide themselves to become more, and more, and more...