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The dominating race in this world. Were they created by The Perfect Ones as their last unsuccessful experiment, or they were the degradated inheritors of them? Just a bad, wretched, ugly mutation of these godlike creations of the almighty old Gods, survived however after the last cataclysm. In both cases, it's better not to know...
Some of humans are modest and meek. They just do what they have told to do, and live day after day happily. The others are too curious to know, too impatient to create, and to show, what they have done. But there are some, who cannot create, and envy makes them angry destroiers. The human civilization goes fort and back, depending of who rules the society.
There were many different types of human societies in the known lands. There are still a patriarchy law for the Eastern-Nordic tribes of hunters. Western-Nordic warriors have their chefs after a fight to death between nominated by the people heros. The South, that is now in complete anarchy, before was the cradle of a mighty ancient civilization. Their teleportation units are mostly working till today.


  The ruins of Ancients can be found almost everywhere, but we do not know much about them, because the worshipers of the Golden Snake, during the long Dull Senturies, have tryed to destroy any sign of that ancient society of Wisdom ruled by the laws of Ethics and Aesthetics. After years of wars against The Golden Snake servants and their slaves, in the central part of the continent was established The Sacred Empire of Light, leaded by an Enlightened Emperor who governs with a trilateral council of nobility, priests of light, and mages as mediators. It was a new renaissance of human culture. Priests recover, keep, develop, and bring to people any craft, art and knowledge. Education was for everyone. The life was something sacred. So mages healers took care for everyone. Mages mind readers helped to stop corruption and crime. For all crimes there was one punishment - ban.
Still the Empire was not perfect. The evil was too much in this land. Too many people were sent abroad. Mostly to South in orcish territories. Warriors, "dark" mages, even some scientists. Too many new enemies... Mayby this is why the only frendly kigdom there, now is called The Dead Lands...