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Half animal - half human. Another creatures of the Black Wood. Rough fur, cloven hoofs, horns, a bit goat like looking, but actually they are as inteligent as the common human are. Long time people thought, that satyrs were the driadas males. Such a delusion was accepted because of too hairy on the chest, lower part of the body, and even cheeks young females, looking almost the same as young males. Well, a roaring, savage satyrida fighter may be somehow attractive, and even may look beautiful, if you like animals. Actually the mature satyridas, and kids stay hidden deep in the forest, and do not take part in the rush to the human vilages.
Satyrs are mostly gatherers. They prefere to eat fruits, roots, vegetables etc. But they do not labour the soil, neither seed seeds. They do not produce anything. If they need something, they go to find it. If it's not in their forest, they go to the human fields and homes for it. The worst is, if satyrs find wine or brendy, and get drunk. This makes them very aggressive, and engages them in an orgy, so if there are humans around especially women,


  they may be badly harmed or even killed. These creatures do not understand what the property is. Neither what is a home. Moving all the time, seeking for food, they sleep on the ground all together. No one of them owns anything. If you find something, you use it. If, or when you do not need it, you leave it somewhere, somebody else may find it. Eating, drinking, breeding - this is "The Satyrs Way" of life.
Anyway, some of humans are practising The Satyr's Way too. Such ones are banned in the Empire, as very dangerous for the society.
Lately, after demoniac invasion, the things have changed. Fast, strong, tough satyr warriors were accepted as an ally. Their primitive soul resist more successfully to the demoniac soul catchers, than the more sensitive and weak human soul.
Some of satyrs have accepted the human armour, weapon, some skills, etc.
The priests of knowledge have tryed to work with the most inteligent of them. But even educated ones, rised amoung humans, never leave The Satyrs Way to live...