****************** Cosmogony Territoties LEGENDS Creatures Stories

The 7 Perfect Minds

A memory of time before this time. About that time, when The Creatures rose up against their Creators. Created just to become Creators too. Created as The Perfect Ones, these Creatures does not considered the world created by their Gods, such a perfect anymore.
So when they discovered the power of their minds, they began to recreate the land, the plants, the animals and even themselves. What our the best mages can do now, is just a spark compared to the sun. Almost immortal creators of new living forms, they managed storms, they could rise mountains. But when they found out how to create stars, The Gods had to take control over their romping children.
There were the seven famous masters of the mind creation from the seven ends of the known world. And they decided to unite their powers to eliminate all divine restrictions. These seven ones were so smart, so sly, that the Almighty Gods never suspect what their real possibilities were. So they made Seven Seals to lock The Seven Divine Powers, as a Triumph of the Freedom of the Perfect Ones.


When The Seven Seals sealed all The Seven Gods away, and their control over The Seven Powers was lost, the fragile ballance was broken. The World went into a madness. Still The Seven Perfect Minds had power to stop this. All seven all together could do save their beautiful world if they used their minds as one.
But The Seventh God, before it had been locked, still had used his main weapon. Envy... So the black deadly envy damaged all The Seven Perfect Minds. They were the best creators and innovators. They were destroyers, and the saviors of the ruined world. But to prove who was the Best One, who was the Greatest, became the matter of their life. And the walls of hatred rose between them. After the Disaster, each one blamed all the others for their mutual mistake. Did everyone of them do their best for themselves at least? Could they all survive yet? Or some of them?...
By some evidence, at least two of these mighty minds were women. A Godlike rase could be revived, and maybe could go farther than the Old Gods were. But they never met each-other again...