****************** Cosmogony Territoties LEGENDS Creatures Stories

Ice and Fire

A legend from the now days. About an impossible love of two youngsters. Two bright minds, two gentle hearts. Two curious spirits, two nice souls, thinking as one and feeling the same about each-other, and their two nations. Nations, that seamed could not even exist on the same land in the same time.
It was after the last war with the invaders from the North - Tne Icy Ones. During a fragile truce, when it was quite clear, thath neither their technoligy, nor our magic skills could ever win. Negotiations went badly. The language of the Icy Ones sounded to us like bird songs, so we expected driadas could understand it, and even talk with them. Driadas could feel their life rhythms and let us understand at least their nature. Unfortunately dridas life contact caused such a panic, that killed all icy negotiators. The second attempt was with our mindreaders. What they saw in the minds of the Ici Ones, made them to loose their minds. Soon they died too. But still they represented to the minds of the others of our negotiators, some chaotic pictures of madness of forms, colours and sounds, and feelings of pain and fear.


Then she came. The Icy Princess. A young woman of unbelievable beauty. Pale bluish skin, magnificient violet eyes, her perfect gorgeous body was covered with almost nothing. No doubt, the same God had created us and them both! Why we were so different then? Something like a transparent cocoon had to protected her from our warmth, till we were under many coats of fur just to survive in that icy cave. She showed one finger, and all her people diappeard. We understood, just one of us was needed. We had just one mindreader left. A young men, not skilled enough to be in use before. They stared to each-other's eyes, and as a miracle there was contact. Hours after hours, days after days, months passed, till both rases were learning the never known before, and never understandable.
There was a peace treaty, and it was time to say good-bye. Then happened something unexpected. The Icy Princess went out of her cocoon. Our boy dropped down all his fur coats, stepped ahead and embrased her. She took his face in her hands, her body leaned to his, their lips fused in a kiss... Then his body cracked, hers bursted in green flames, and just ice pieces, covered with ashes left of them...