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The Sacred Empire of Light

From ocean to ocean, mountains, valleys, flat lands, rivers and lakes, different people, different resurses, ruled by one law. The Empire was established 200 years ago, after The Rebelion against the Servants Of The Golden Snake.
The cult of The Golden Snake dominated then on this world. In that time all goods, and what people had produced, could be exchanged to some quantity of little round pieces of gold with a snake carved on them, called "money". Such activity called "sell and buy", made by people who buy goods for less money, and sell them for much more, is called "trade". Traders become rich without produceing anything. They named themselves just Servants of the Golden Snake. Some of them had a lot of money on a secure place called "bank", and convinced the others to give them their money in safe-keeping. These "bankers" began just lend money to the others, that had to return later much more than they had borrowed. If someone could not bring back money in time, the Bankers take his property, home etc. Some people have to sell their children, then to sell themselves.


  The most of people become Slaves of the Golden Snake. Traders paid less to producers, then they became to produce fake things easily breakable, so you have to buy such a thing again. Even food was fake. Fake food made people sick. Healers did not heal people, just kept them alive till they have money to pay. The easy way to have money was killing, and stealing. The right one on court was the one who pay the judge more. Many of the young people refused education, and to work, prefering such an "Easy Life" of buy and sell. Who did not want to pay, hid in the forests, trying to produce their food there, bur the worshipers of The Golden Snake burned the woods, and the fields. Who was not with them was killed.
All the World was in the hands of a few Bankers. The cheeky gamblers with our lifes. Simplicity, stupidity, vulgarity, and ugliness were everywhere. The Nobles lost their power, their lands, and their palaces. Some lost themselves. Some tryed to protect the last real artists, scientists, artisans, real food producers, and these New People with extra abilities that appeared there and here. The last try to save Humanity, and Civilization.