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Dead Lands

These lands were the best part of an prospering independent kingdom called The Flowerland. The nice climate there, hot, but not too much, and enough humidity, cause all the plants grow up fast, and bloom, and have fruits all the time. Along all streets of the all towns of the Flowerland there were fruit trees on the both sides. Their branches kept the passers-by from the burning sunbeams. And everyone who walks down the street may pick some juicy ripe fruit if this person is thirsty or hungry. Flowers, flowers, and flowers were everywhere around. On the balconies, under every window, over every door, along every home and in every yard. The towns were surrounded by huge parks, with exotic flowers, and blooming trees again, but with many fountains, benchs, stages, where people may relax, listen to music, or perform it for pleasure.
These people never were worshipers of The Golden Snake. As real inheritors of the ancients, they adore nature. The Flowerlanders respected the old traditions, and even somewhere deep in the blooming forests there were the old


  ancient temple, and priests gardians of an old secret knowledge. In their capital there were the third ancient teleportation unit, we know about, and somewhere there should be one of the seals, by which the Perfect Ones had kept the Gods away...
During The Great War Flowerland joined us. Our united troops pushed out the orcs far to the south. Still they were so many, and our losses were terrible... Then our the best battle mage used an forbidden magic to rise the dead bodies of our soldiers and make them fight, till they still had arms to hold weapon and legs to walk. We win, but that mage, later known as The Necromancer, and all the other mages who helped him then, were baned from the Empire for the use of the black magic. However Flowerland gave them a new home. Fife years later, we lost all contacts with Flowerland. Our explorers found then miles, and miles of dead trees, dead grass, sceletons of the animals, and people, from almost our borders down almost to the Dragon Sea. Somewhere were seen skeletons walking among the ruins of before so beautiful towns. The most colorful land in this world now has one color. Gray.