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Demons Territory

The arrival of the demons from the sky was an not understandable event for long time before we met obsessed people and animals. The huge fireball crossing the sky with an auful noise, and then the earthquake, when it supposely fell on the ground, was noticed from all parts of the Empire. An expedition was sent to the north. They found the landing place in the high dry plateau called High Desert. Among the redish rocky hills the ground was melted, then hardened as a glossy surface with huge circle waves, like if you drop a stone in a water. In its center there was a pulsateing fountain of blue light. As the scientists aproached closer, they became feel odd. Like someone was trying to explore their minds, to get inside, to obsess their bodies. They should retreat. For some of them it was late.
The next explorers were more careful, but the expansion of The Unknown already had began. Far before to reach the place where that fireball had fallen, they met many Things looking like some strange plants, but as they were made of blue trembling light. Some other shining immaterial objects were moving. Mostly spheroids, or


  band like ones, they had some electricity activity towards the human beings. Not much harmful, but still painful. And then were seen for first time the glossy dark greenish spheres, flaying high in the sky, coming from the landing place, spreaded by the wind in all directions...
After then began the nightmare. The High Desert was waterless territiry, so there were not much plants, or animals to survive. Still some human hermits had their sanctuaries there. And some pilgrims also went there to see, and have advise from these wise persons. Nothing alive was seen in the entire plateau anymore. No plants, no animals, neither humans.
The first posessed animals and humans were registered the next year, when there was a wave of fugitives from the northern provinces, running away from the "Demons". It took much time to understand that the monsters with red scales on the body, big horns, and hoofs are actually modified humans. Most of them behaved like mindless animals, killing everything alive, stealing the life energy to make themselves more and more powerful. Some were still inteligent beings, we could talk with, and try to understand each-other...