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Other Territories

Barberian Clans Territories - The large open plains between the West Coast and the High Desert, northern of the woods. The numbered barberian clans there, are in the endless wars against each-other. These people were never civilised in a way, we understand this. Thou they have their natural culture, and even an original pictographic scripting. But they are always our the best mercenaries.
The Empty Lands - Territories on the East, northern of the Empire, where were three independent human kingdoms before, flooded by orcs, and completely destroied during The Great War about 80 years ago. The quickly expanding Empire needed an outlet on the Black Ocean, but the East was inhabited by countless hords of hu-man's forever enemies - orcs... The spare-head of our glorious legions separated them to the south and the North. The Southern front concluded with a victory soon. The war in the North last for 6 years... We came as liberators for the northern human states, but we brought them just death and destruction. Orcs slowly retreated, leaving after them just ruins and burned lands. The Great War


  took about a milion victims, and was a catastrophic event for the both sides...
Marshlands -Eastern and down from the High Desert plateau there are large flat misty cold and wet grounds, where even orcs do not dare to go there. The endless web of swamps, and channels, full of fish, and big reptiles. There is a legend about fierce lizardmen tribes living there. Actually there are some human klans. Meek, timid, and shy people, that avoid any contacts with the others. The rumors say, that far in the North there live stone giants. Our investigators have found many fragments of the giant stone statues, and strange looking ruins. Maybe not made by ancients, but the only artefacts left after The Perfect Ones.
Orcs and Ogres Territory - This last east-northern territory of hills and mountains covered with trees and bushes was the origin of ogres, but after the last long war against orcs, the last survivors of the northern orc clans found their last asylum there. We win then, but our troops were too exosted to drive the orcs any farther. Hope, they will never dare to attack humans again, and there is already enough empty land between them and us...