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Black Wood

The Black Wood, as we know it now, is at least ten times smaller, than it was senturies ago, when it takes it's really proven name. An endless dark thick forest, and there was no way out, if you went in. Full with very dangerous big predators, never seen before, and other strange deadly creatures, imps, goblins, and unlike human wild humanoids. And deep in this center there was a Monster of the monsters. The Mother of all of these one more terrible than the other creatures, nesting more and more, and more of them...
A mortal fear, a black name, but it seams nothing was more powerfull, than the little round pieces of gold during the Age of the Golden Snake. There was a trend for rich Golden Snake servants to have a tamed Black Wood monster in their mansions. And they paid good money for it. A stuffed satyr was something usual for a rich home interior, since they believed, that the satyrs could not be tamed. The matter of proud was to have a blooming driada to serve on their table, knowing that an enslaved driada cannot live more than a week. The biger animals went to the


  arena, the smaller went for fun, for food, or just killed for nothing. 90% of that large wood was cut for timber, or for fireplaces. Many unique species were lost forever. We know about them from "The Aestetic of Life". The only book extant by chance from this time.
Now the Black Wood is a protected by the Empire territory. We try to collaborate with the driadas, and even with the satyrs, exploring this legendary forest and its unbelievable life. According to our Priests of Knowledge, the Black Wood is a biological treasure for medicine.
The inteligent inhabitants of the Black Wood, Driadas, and Satyrs are telling us the same stories about their Holy Mother, the immortal mother of everything alive there. No one of them dare to disturb her for some small problem, but when there is really a need, she does always protect her children. And they know well, where exactly She is! We know, that satyrs lie about everything, but it's proven that driadas cannot lie at all. Also fhere are many other secondary evidences, that this Mother of Life is not a myth. And maybe She is our only hope because of the danger coming from the South. And maybe it's time for us to meet Her...