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Free Lands

Western Free Lands - Nice lands among mountains, rare inhabited with a peaceful people. Agriculture and stock-breeding is their main job. After their complaint about some Monsters coming from Southern Deserts and killing people and domestic animals, The Empire desided to annex this territory, to save them.
Deserts - West-south of the continent is a wide area of dry sands, and rocks. There are ruins of several big ancient towns. No life there at all, but there is no doubt, that the smugglers, and slave hunters from Slavers Towns have their secret path to The Empire through the deserts.
Slavers Towns - Several towns situated along the southern coast. Each town is a state itself, ruled by several people, elected by the others each five years. Their inhabitants are the last worshipers of the Golden Snake. Selling, and buying people is the way they live. Some of them even sell themselves. Some even prefere to be slaves. Not understandable for us...
Wilderness - The undetermined lands of mountains, and jungles, northern from the Slavers Towns. It's nature is not explored enough yet.


  The Razors Clan - These people are heirs of the criminals, banned from the empire society . Anarhy is the way they live. No rulers, and no rules. No order, no obligations. Everyone do what he/she wish to. But only the strong and brave ones can meet responsibility for their actions. No weak people there. As very experienced wariors they have respect from their neighbours.
Southern Orc Territory - It's next to the now called Dead Lands, and down to the Dragon Sea. Southern orcs established there some kind of a state ruled by a Tyrant. He has an absolute power over the life and death of his people. The Iron Order make them to build fortifyed towns, to develop many handicrafts, and tame many differend animals.
Dragon Island - A volcano Island near to the south coast of the continent. Some times during eruptions, volcanic ash, and molten rocks may even reach the beach. The name come from a legend about huge flying reptiles, blowing fire, and hatching in the volcano crater. No one have seen a dragon for senturies, but we have seen the armours and shields of the Sea Horse Knights, made from scales of some really big reptile.