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The Rebelion

All began when the gangsters sent by the Servants of the Golden Snake came to burn the fields of a vilage in some small central continental kingdom. An young prince was there with his knights, and his old teacher. A very extraordinary man, looking for other persons with special abilities to save them from oficial prosecution. There were some witches, that healed the poor people. The peasants tryed to protect their crop from bandits, but this time they were supported by knights. They said, that old techer had unlocked some unbelievable powers in the witches. The wind and water came from nowhere and blowed out the fire. From the hands of that old man came the fireballs, and make torches from running enemies. The swords of the knights finished the rest. This first victory gave the people a new hope. A regular armies were sent to punish that vilage, but till they came, The First Legion of the Knights of Light was waiting for them.
There were seven years of civil war, before here rised The Sacred Empire Of Light



The Empire Code

The Life is Sacred. Nature is our Mother. We should respect, and keep it. The Knowledge is a Light, which lets the mind to see the Unseen. Inteligent beings are between animals and Gods. Unlock yourself. You may be a candle, or you may shine as a Sun. The Beauty is the Key. It should be all around you.
The Emperor, the High Priest, and the White Mage are the leaders of the Nation.
Empire is ruled by thrilateral council. The best ones of Nobility, Priests, and Mages mediators. The money, gambling, and trading are forbidden. Everything belongs to the Nobles. Their duty is to take care about their people. One should have, what one deserves. Education is compulsory. The level one can reach, depends of one's talents. It's the duty of Priests. They are also responsible for the soul development of every one. Health is everyone's right. The duty of Mages-Healers. No crime. Responsibility of everyone. Judges are Mages-Mind Readers. One punishment for all crime. Ban. Criminals, treated and marked by Mind Readers are sent abroad. Healty society, and happy people, means constant prosperity.