****************** Cosmogony Territoties LEGENDS Creatures Stories

The GoldenSnake

First there were the Ancients. These ones, who kept the memory of what the Angel from the Sky-High Tower had given them. The knowledge to live in peace, enjoying life, and respect everyone. The knowledge, that the Beauty and Love are mighty powers, and Creation is the real Happiness. The ruins only left from their beautiful towns. There were artefacts, we never knew, what they were. Things, we still use, but do not understand. Teleportation system, enhanceing mind power objects, energy containers. All lost, after the Golden Snake crawled out from the Abyss.
The most famous town then was The Golden City, where roofs, and even walls of main buildings were covered with gold. There were many reefs of gold in the mountain near by. Once the miners entered so deep in the mountain's womb, that they awakened a mystic living creature of gold. A huge snake that turned into gold everything it touched. The people, trees, even stone plates that covered the streets, when it went in the town. The snake asked people to make a big and nice home for Her, and promised to give them wealth and power over entire world as a return.


Some believed Her, and vow to serve Her. Then she taught them how to invent money. How to use them to sell and buy, to borrow, and lend at interest. Soon everything fell in the hands of the Golden Snake Servants. It was the end of the before civilization. Everything should be sell and buy. Goods, people, ideas, souls, lifes and death. Simple people only could be simply ruled. So education was for rulers only. Producing easy breakable goods and not enough food, was the policy of the Cult Leaders for centuries. What the people earn went back to their Owners. The Golden City rose, till all the others fell. The Golden Snake had laid depravity in her Servants brains and had eaten their hearts. When they began to kill anyone who do not pay and obey, people rose. The last of nobles led them against the power of overweening merchants and usurers. After seven years of war, the Golden City fell. The Golden Snake was not found though. Did She escape to where She came from? Or She was still hiding somewhere there? Anyway, the Golden City became a forbidden place.
But it still stays, guarded by its Golden Guards, who turn into a golden statue anyone, who dare to come close...