****************** Cosmogony Territoties LEGENDS Creatures Stories

Lucina The Barefooted

The only living legend, a Holy Girl, who may come and help, when all hopes are lost. She's with us for senturies. Forever young light-haired pale beauty, dressed with sunlight beams and shining stars. Her bare feet never touch the ground. She's just floating about a foot above it.
First she was mentioned in the History in the chapter about the first battle of The Knights of the Prince of No Name against the worshipers of the Golden Snake. Described as a tiny sad girl with dirty face, ragged dingy dress, and no shoes. she was just one of the several girls hidding in some barn from the Civil Firerisers. The duty of the firerisers was to set on fire persons with extraordinary abilities, owners of books with their books, and illegal producers of food or goods. They found that barn, but there already were the knights. In the battle Lucina was seen behind her defenders holding a book to her breast, flying three feet over the ground, her eyes closed, sun beams shineing around her head. The firerisers were defeated, and as a miracle, no one of the rebels against the servants of the Golden Snake had even a scratch then.


The Prince and the White Mage asked her what was that book, and where she had found it. "I wrote it." she said "It's a book about everything." Then they take her with them. During the civil war the three of them created the creed of Empire of Light. Lucina was the first Priest of Light. She was teaching the youngsters, that become later Priests of Knowledge, and Priests of Creation. The priesthood and the Trilateral Council were established years after the establishment of the Empire of Light.
When the Pince of No Name was killed, Lucina refused to be the Great Priest of Light anymore. Till then she appeared here and there bringing light to the comon people's life. Then and now, she's always the same. So young, so beautiful, with so sad grey eyes. Asked why her face looks almost always sad, she sais: "There are so many people, that need help, but I cannot help them all. There are too much things that tends to go wrong, and I must be there, trying to prevent it..." But if you are blessed to see her sweet smile, you may feel, the world is shining with happiness. Your life will change at once, becoming so peaceful, and so nice!