****************** Cosmogony Territoties LEGENDS Creatures Stories

The Great Mother of
The Black Wood

When The Fire had burned all of the Old World, The Wind blew out its ashes. The Water washed away the rest, The Earth appeared then, tormented, naked, clean. Rocks, just rocks, and only rocks were everywhere. And a Woman. Alone. Her eyes were asking: "Why?" of Earth and Sky. But there were not Gods anymore, to pray for mercy. No friends left, to ask for help. "I am The One!" she said "I am now The Creator. I was responsible for this madness. I should repair everything... But how? I should be a tree, just to survive for!" And she became a Tree. The tiny roots came slowly from her toes. Branches came from her shoulders, covered with nice green leaves. The skies were good enough to send the rain. With her face up, smiling to the Sun, she just became to bloom. Flowers, flowers, flowers of any color, and any kind, she could remember, there were ever. She had just to wait for fruits of every plant, that was before on earth to become ripe, planted, grown up and had their own fruits. She had time. All the time. Years passed, then centuries, milenium...


  An endless forest was already all around her. Some birds, insects, it seems still had survived. But no animals were there. The wood without deers, wolves, rabbits? This woman never had a man before. She never was a mother. Now she had to be The Mother of everything. So she did it. She loved so much her children, but when they were far, she woried much, she could not take care about them. So she gave birth to her first daughters. Driadas. Half a woman, half a plant, to feel plants, and take care about them. Satyridas. Half animals, to feel, and care about animals. And her first sons were satyrs, because the animals lived in couples.
It was so nice, till the day, They came. Humans! Ah, such a mistake The Mother did, she thought, she was the Only One surviver! Groan of the falling trees, mournful cry of the driadas, screams of dieing animals, and angry roars of satyrs fighting. "Oh no! Not again!" She was so tired... Her perfect mind was so exosted for so many years of creation, care, anxiety about her children. She wanted just to hide. To rest. To close herself behind the walls of trees and bushes. To stay alone in darkness. Then she began to create monsters...