****************** Cosmogony Territoties LEGENDS Creatures Stories

Deadly Love

He was the Greatest Hero of the Great War. The one who made a hundred thousands of dead warriors to rise and fight again. His dead men saved a million lifes, but as a gratitude he was given an oblivion, and driven to exile. The Flowerland gave him asylum. The Queen of Flowerland was young, beautiful and inteligent. Her husband, The King, was old, fat and boring. Also he was more addicted to the good wine, than to his wife. So she was spending her time mostly in her Palace of Joy, in the company of the best artists and scientists. The Necromancer was presented in the Queens court. Deeply impressed by his powerful mind, the Queen fell in love with him. She become a follower of the Black Magic, and even gave him the Secret Key to an ancient altar. He thought, he found the gate to the Eternity. His magic art opened it. He went in, and disappeard. The Black Terror then came out... Was it the entrance to the Other World with no Death, but no Life too, or he broke the seal that sealed the Seventh God instead? Who knows...
So their vehement love, seeking the eternal Life, opened the doors of Death, and turned the entire land to ashes. .


The Queens Palace of Joy, then turned into a Palace of Sorrow...
Still she is there. Siting on her stone chair, in her ruined secret room. The half of her body is still so young, and thirsty for making love, but other half is dead for so long time. She stretches hands, once so tender, delicate pink fingers, dry yellow bones now, towards her black mirror. She couldn't see there her own so delightful before face, even if she still had eyes, not these red flames in the empty sockets of her almost immaterial lucent bluish skull. His face appeared there! He tries to reach her from the other world, that is actually not a world... "I'll come for you, my dear! I'll find a way to do it! Even if it takes eternity, just wait for me!"
But his words could never reach her mind, even if she had ears to hear him. Nothing could bring him back from that deep darknes he had deep in himself, but... still it seams there still was a jingling string connecting them... Their invincible longing for each-other. Because The Love, the life power itself, may live, despite of Death and after it forever!