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The Third Cataclysm causes many mutations among the survived living creations. We still can find fossils of monsters, you never imagin, they can exist. The legendary Seven Perfect Minds, meanning themselves as powerfull as gods, had also made many unsuccessfull attempts to create some different intelligence. Some believe, that humans are actually one of these experiments. Here is a short description of the most known more, or less inteligent species, you may still meet.
OGRES - We name such numbered, probably human mutations, with huge heavy freaky looking bodies, living mostly in the north-east wilderness. Mainly they are not carnivorous, and not too dangerous. Slow in mind, and with movement, they may use any stones or branches as a weapon, but never try to work up them. May be tamed for using their huge strength for carry or movement, but cannot be trusted.
ORCS - There are several different kinds of these monsters. The gray-greenish hairless skin, extremal ugliness, ferocity, and strength, make us to consider them


  an ogre-goblin hybrid. They produce some primitive weapons and such, and build homes and fortifications. Fearced warriors, they were a nightmare for the humans, so the policy of the Empire was their coplete elimination. Now some orcs clans still exist on south and north, far from controled by the Empire territories.
GOBLINS - These greenish, skiny, rather small ugly creatures are very likely created by The Mother of Black Wood. They could be some kind of funny, if they not behave so badly. Lurking and moving fast as a ghost, a goblin can steal your shoes from your legs as you walk. It seams, they steal everything, and they hate everyone, and they are even ready to kill for nothing, if they can.
IMPS - They are for sure artificial creations. Such a green, hairy ball with a huge mouth, that puts everything in it. A bag itself. One hole for in and out. Imps have not gender. When it's time a new identical imp just jumps from the mouth of its parent. Imps are dangerous yet. You never know what they carry inside. Imp may be poisonous, plus it uses some energy components to freeze or to burn you. Also it may produce an electricity stroke..