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A new race appearing lately in the north coast of this continent. Invaders, that came with coldness, snow, ice, and soon the climate have changed badly for all of Nordic Tribes, and all of other living species. For the Icy Ones it was just nice. How they did so? How they light their Lights of Cold Light, that freezed all that lands to death for us, but for a life for them? It's still hard to say... When the influence of the big mass of the ice and snow on the northern coasts was noticed in The Empire, and Priests of Knowledge decided to investigate it, it seams it was too late. A big territory of North was covered with snow, and it takes too much time to scientists to discover, that it was not a natural phenomenon, but an other inteligence created effect.
To find out, and meet this inteligence was the most difficult thing, and it turned into a tragedy at the end. Too many nice and bright minds were lost then from both sides. In the followed war the imperial legions were defeated by the cold and the advanced technology of the invadors, but later the annihilating fire of the battle mages set a delicate balance.


  And there came a time for negotiations... The head of their diplomacy was the daughter of their ruler. Only mages could contact with the Icy Ones. And just one talented yong mind reader successfully reached the Icy Princess mind. How they are just ice for us, and why we are for them a burnig fire, if the both races are looking almost the same? We were created from different elements, and having different phisiology. The greatest minds of the Empire could not understand this, nor yet their technology... We, proudly called the most advanced civilization on this world, felt just like they thought about us - complete savages. Good thing, they do not know the magic.
So, The Icy Ones came from an unknown northern continent. The last survivers of theur kind, fleeing from The Living Death. The pictures presented by our negotiator to the Trilateral Council, even not much understandable, were so awful, that we decided to let the Icy people live in peace on the territory, they alrady have conquered. They were agree to stop their invasion too.
After the ridiculous death of the young negotiators, that become a legend, the good terms freezed.