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Since their first release some years ago, we still cannot say what is their real nature. What the common people call "demons" are actually more or less possessed by some other intelligence human beings. Driadas and satyrs seams to be more resistable. More or less means, that some of "demons" remember their human identity, skills, knowledge, but the others look as they are completely lost in this world. Such a possession changes the human bodies, and even their complete physiology. The red scales on some parts of the body, hoofs, horns, no hair, is just at first glance difference. These new creatures are full of energy. They naturally use it for defence and attack, and it's very hard to kill a demon, since their bodies regenerates immediately, till they have still energy. Demons extract it from the other living creations, or absorb it from any other energy sourse. It seams, possessed humans enjoy with their new possibilities, easy taking lifes, demonstrating their power. It's known, they feed with life energy, but there have seen some demons eating raw human flesh too.


  Still there is a question: who and how have changed these people. Priests have sent many expeditions to the High Desert to explore Demoniac Landing Grounds. One of theories is, that some creatures of energy has came from the deep space with the big bolide fallen there. Now there is not any sign of life, as we know it. The whole region is full of many different energy activities. Mostly not understandable glowing pseudo life with no material consistence. Demoniac "plants", or "animals"? In the central Big Hole can be seen something huge immaterial shadeing trembling, as sending dark green reflecting spheres high in the air. The wind takes them away... Some explodes spreading some more little spheres. These that were found were soft organic substance with some crystal and other mineral inclusions. Not alive. Nor any energy activity in them. Still they were called demoniac spores. The most of scientists believe, that whatever they are, the invaders are trying to breed, in their original bodies compartible to our world. So collaborating with possessed humans, and understanding them, may prevent a fatal catastrophic event for entire world...