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Simply described as half human - half plants, these forever young beautiful creatures of the Black Wood are still the most enigmatic ones ever. The scientists are not sure about their physiology, because of the leaves they have on their heads, and the roots they may grow from their feet, combined with a normal for humans way to eat using their mouth. It looks like a symbiosis, not a single organism. How they breed is another mystery. Driadas are all female only. For a long time people thought, that the males of driadas are the satyrs. Also there are legends about kidnaped human young men by driadas for purpose of breeding, found dead then, after being used. But driadas, having all of the normal human organs, have not a belly button! And no one have ever seen a baby driada, neither a child. Lately after more close contacts with the Black Wood creatures, it was discovered, that the driadas are growing up from the ground like a plant in their full size, and then they blossom. The driadas flower is one of the most precious things now. It's used for the regeneration, rejuvenation and life prolongation medicines.


  Driadas social life is also very interesting. Even they look somehow naive, their inteligence in some cases shows more high possibilities, than humans can reach. They may contact and understand each-other without any words. At the same time they can speak any language just after some minutes contacting with somebody. Driadas are mystics and artists by origin. They can feel every plant and animal, what it needs, and how to help. And everything they create is a real piece of art. Driadas create things for pleasure. Then they enjoy with giving them to somebody else as a present. Happy to create - twice happier to make somebody else happy. So helping, and making gifts is the way, they live. It seams "Driadas Way" is somehow the base of the code of Priests of Light.
Can a driada be dangerous then? Yes! Very. Do not forget: Driada feels! Your positive emotions may make her give you everything. The negative ones may make her count you as a danger. So she can attack you with everything she, and the Black Wood has. Sharp thorned balls, exploding seeds, poisoned spores, charm, illusion, fear etc. And if she catch your life rhythm, you are dead...