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Jesse, many thanks to you! :)


NEW! Living Pictures 2 - Dreamland

It's just a teaser. Now you can see all of that magic Scarecrow girl, Pearl the Fairy, all at once. Well, almost.
In a place, you've never been, or you've sometimes seen at glance - the Dreamland. Free and safe for kids.
Just stay and watch, as if it is a movie.
There is some interactivity yet. If you still are too impatient, click on the Owl's logo, and some special buttons will appear.
Errr... to rid off the Shadow Demon press 4!
To enjoy with the second of my Living Pictures, take the zips below, create a new folder, name it let say "LP2", and unzip all of them there.
And do not forget, that my games work in
PlayFKiSS only! - 11092 KB - 13698 KB - 13200 KB

There is a Special Version of course, where you may see more of the girl, and play much with her too.
Just send
5 EURO to via PayPal


NEW SERIES - Pearl's Dreams


2. Winter Tale

1. Cloud Nine

Please, unzip these games in different folders!
They are different!

The Scarecrow 4
Hot Chicken - Fast Food Store

The Scarecrow 3
Bath Time

The Scarecrow 2
Pearl's Birthday 

The Scarecrow 1
The Corn Field

Samodiva updates

Other KiSS sets
  Pearl's Christmas Gift  - a KiSS Christmas card
Boy and Girl - my first KiSS set


If you still have not PlayFKiss, get it! I use this one!

If you have no LHA compressor/extractor, here is a freeware...
LHA.EXE works in DOS and with Winzip if you put it in Winzip folder and configure Winzip... Start Winzip then click on "Options", find "Program Locations" and browse for LHA to point to lha.exe... You should now extract LZH files using Winzip