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*The next were mushrooms. They used organic matter to feed, and spores to breed. They were all around, from moulds to the umbrella trees of marshlands.
*Then came plants, useing minerals, air, water, and light to grow up, and flowers and fruits to breed. From moss and grass to the bigest trees, they covered the world with colorfull symphony of joy.
*The first animals turn came. Soft, slobbery, dribbling species like sea bells, pentopods and giant slugs, moving and eating every other life they find.
*Next ones were with hard, strong outer sceleton. Crablike creatures, centipedes, all insects, spiders etc.
*The last were these with inner sceleton. Some created to live on the ground, other were designed for the water, and the happiest ones were flying in the air.
Then the seventh God, the God of Envy, created the The Antithesis of Life. Death. And
The Second Cataclysm began. The Gods went in a war. Each one for his creatures. The Death was everywhere. To save what left of their species, the Gods made an agreement who could eat who in an accurate balance, so the creatures to be not less, but not too many. The death was accepted to limit duration of life for every specimen. Then they desided


  all together to create a new creation, that could imagin, and could create itself. A Perfect One! This first inteligent kind made a civilization, that is over our imagination. They managed powers that are inside the stars. Comparing to the Gods, they created new unseen living things. Insanely beautiful, or from the worst nightmares. But when they discovered the energies that created the worlds, the Gods tryed to stop them. The Perfect ones were smarter though. They locked the Gods away, and sealed this world for them. This caused The Third Cataclysm. The fragile balance of seven powers was broken. The grounds and the oceans changed their places. The air and the fire went in madness. But as a miracle some life forms still survived.
So The Perfect Ones destroyed themselves, and their world. Well, there is a legend, that the seven most powerful minds still had survived. Gorgeous, godlike almost immortal, they are still among us, and influence on our life for good or for bad...
And here our history begins.
Welcome, and see, take the challenge, and be a part of saving, and rising of this Magnificent New World!