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27.04.2023 NO GODS LAND - PART I WALKTHROUGH - Available for download here
  Thank you very much for your support and all the kind words about my work.This gives me some enthusiasm to continue working on the next version.
It's only the beginning of what I had in mind, there are a lot of beautiful things, adventures and mystical stories to see.
And the waited walktrough for the current version of No Gods Land is out at last. I'll add more to it as the game progresses.
22.03.2023 NO GODS LAND - PART I - I was in a hurry to release this work of mine because of some important reasons,,,
  The war is too close, the pandemic is still here and I'm getting old faster than I thought.
Well, I know the gameplay is not perfect, but it's not a game for gamers. It's just an artwork... It's an unwritten book.
I did what I could. It's a huge project. There are more than 30 scenes. The next release I'm working on now has more than 100 . But please just be patient. ;)

I have to remind you once again!

Please, write an e-mail as a note when you use PayPal, so I can send you the files you request, right away to the right address.
For your security PayPal does not show your registered e-mail anymore.
24.12.2022 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!!!

05.01.2022 Happy New Year 2022
Wish for you, for me, for all of us be healthy, be happy and have fun!

22.03.2021 NO GODS LAND is the new name of the project with the working name "Deyata Vespel" - I decided that it may sound better and more understandable.
  Also another reason was that I realise lately that the life could be too short for such a big project, and
it could be better to present what I have already done, even shortened version, even not perfectly working.
Whatever should be better, than all these years of hard work to vanish in the nowhere for nothing...
This project was considered as a trilogy. "The Challenge", "Revealing" and "The Truth".
Hope, if I release some version of "the Challenge" I'll "Reveal" something from "The Truth" in some next updates...
17.01.2021 Important!PayPal account change!
Due to some issues the account has to be changed from to
31.12.2020 Happy New Year 2021
Just a Hope, it could be Good for us all!
I have to remind you once again!

Please, write an e-mail as a note when you use PayPal, so I can send you the files you request, right away to a right address.
For your security PayPal does not show your registered e-mail anymore.
And I have a good reason not to log in PayPal too often...
24.12.2019 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020
Let The New 2020 bring something new and nice to all of us!!!
24.12.2018 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019
Let The New 2019 be better and more for you, for me and all good people around us!!!
  Site is still working, I'm still here...
Will be Pearl back, or something new here?
We'll see.:)
29.05.2017 Very Important!!!
Please, write an e-mail as a note when you use PayPal, so I can send you the files, you request.
PayPal does not show your registered e-mail anymore.
  Also, when I'm not here, I cannot log in PayPal, nor yet to reply. Delay will not be more than some days, so if you have some inconvenience, send me an e-mail again, before to send complaints to PayPal.
Thanks for understanding.
01.01.2016 Happy New Year 2016!!!
All The Best To Everyone That Come!!!
  As you can see, I'm still here, the site is still working,
and Pearl and Samodiva are still so sweet, as they ever were.
Nothing new?
Well, still take a look here from time to time, if here could be some surprise... :)
30.03.2015 Deyata Vespel - Lore - LEGENDS - The Seven Main Legends, the whole story and entire game comes from, and goes near and around.
  Click on the little arrow above to visit a world so similar, and so very different than ours.
Click on "Lore", then click on "Legends" to read about main events, that happened from The Third Cataclysm, till now days, and understand then what your destiny could be there.
I lead you deep in time to show you the mythical Seven Perfect Minds, The Great Mother of Black Wood, The Enslaved Angel, and The Golden Snake. I present you exlusive persons like Lucina the Barefooted, fateful events caused by a Deadly Love, and how and if, Ice and Fire could exist together.
Without these legends you would not understand what is what, and what and why it happened in the game.
And in the game you probably will go through the events caused by the last story to the first one.
24.12.2014 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Wish, every wish for good you all wish, to become truth!!!
  Nice to see you again in the site! Well, I didn't make any new thing during the last year...
But this site is still working. I'm still working on my last project when ever I find time.
No more promises.
Still I hope, if you find some day here something new again, you'll be happy, as I was happy to create it. :)
20.01.2013 Deyata Vespel - COSMOGONY, the main TERRITORIES description, and VIEWS from some different parts of them.
  The little arrow above leads you in a new world. Once you are there, click on "Lore" to read about it, or on "Pictures" to see it.
This time I present you the cosmogony of this world, and the main territories on the known continent. Their nature, history, social life of their inhabitants, etc. Also here are some screen shots from the places, you may visit during the quests.
And soon you may see many beautiful girls in action at the entrance of one of them. The Golden City. In the Living Pictures 3.
20.12.2012 NEW! LIVING PICTURES 2 - Scarecrow teaser. Take it from here:
  Welcome to The Dreamland! Enjoy with sweet Pearl appearing in all of her appearances from all of the previous games about her. Even you can see something from some of the future "The Scarecrow" games. Well, I was so in a hurry to show you this before "The End Of The World", that I'm sure there may occur some bugs. I haven't enough time to test it. I hope, you may forgive me...
This work of mine actually IS a PICTURE, as the previous Living Pictures 1 was. Just watch it and relax, as if you are really in this magic ambience. And this picture will live its own life. If you can use your TV set as a monitor, it's much better.
For the impatient people there still are some of the game interactivity, and you may have some special buttons if you click on The Owl's logo. So you still can call and see the different events in this picture, to choose the appearance of Pearl, and so...
Well, of course I've made a "special" version too, where you may see and play much more.

The next of Living Pictures will be a panorama of The Golden Sity from my new game Deyata Vespel...
It's just one of more than 20 places, you may visit during the play and completing the quests of the first part of the game.
And I hope the next year I could proudly present you this new game. An epic story, nice music, much more KiSS, and much more art, than everything I did before. Just follow me, and I'll lead you in an entirely new world...
12.07.2012 - SPIRIT - NEW! - with a complete WALKTHROUGH
  Samodiva - SPIRIT - The new update, almost to the great finale.
Now you can see the two new transformations of the Samodiva. Into a Demonica, and into an Unborn Maiden. She calls at least the spirit of her beloved knight, but still she cannot keep him with her for long time... There is still something missing... Well, she will sucsessfully resurrect him in the last part of this game... By now take this update here DOWNLOAD Samodiva in Fire  -  NEW update!
20.02.2012 Deyata Vespel LORE- and here will be more soon!.
  Welcome in the world of Deyata Vespel! Little by little, page after page I'll reveal for you something that could be just an artwork piece. Or a philosophy? Or a prophesy?
Now I present you the more or less inteligent creatures living there. Some day I'll unlock for you the cosmogony of this world, then the description of the main territories, the most beautiful legends, and many stories about common heros...
I had to rewrite the original story (there were not driadas and satyrs in it), and I added many new legends, events etc.
10.12.2011 NEW! LIVING PICTURES 1 - Samodiva teaser. Take it from here:
  From today you can take a look at the dancing Samodiva, Torbalan the goblin and what it happens deep in this magic forest for free. It was not possible by now because there was not a kids version for Samodiva game.
Well, Living Pictures 1 is not a game, but rather a teaser, presenting in twice wider screen, the main things that you can see playing the real game. Actually it IS a PICTURE. Just watch it and relax, as if you are in a real nature. And this picture will live its own life. If you can use your TV set as a monitor, it's much better.
Errr... for impatient people there still are some of the game interactivity, and some secret buttons may be found, so you still can call and see almost everything hidden there. but almost, just almost...
Well, I've made a "special" version too, where you may see much more.

if you like this work of mine, next time I'll take you to the Dreamland with the sweet girl Pearl, or before a nice panorama of The Golden Sity from my new game Deyata Vespel...

08.11.2011 TWINS2 - The Nowhere Place.
  Finally here it is. And here is a complete walkthrough too. Without it you will always miss some parts of the game. I think it's good yet. If you play the gama in a different way, each time you play it, you will discover something new, don't you? Warning! The Nowhere Place is NOT a place for kids!!! So, you can go there in the special version only.
22.09.2011 More info for Deyata Vespel - I'm going on!.
  Till we went deeper and further in the work in this project, my partners lost one by one their entusiasm, and left me one by one... OK this was something too big for them! And it was after I've done so much of my part. I could not leave thousands of images, an year of hard work, and so nice hope, just ro vanish in the darkness... So I got to save my work in a way I can, going back to KiSS. I,ve changed the original story line a bit, and I write some new additions and adventures in places that were just mentioned in the original story. The world is big enough...
Many years ago, one of my critics said, that KiSS art should be like archery, and what I've done with Pearl stories is as using a machine gun. So shake then! What I prepare for you now is a Nuclear Blast of KiSS!!!
29.06.2010 A New Project - no one of the other ones is finished yet... but still take a look here.
  What to do if I have so many ideas, but so less time and possibilities to bring them to life! I'm always afraid that I miss to do something nice, to forget something interesting, to loose something important that I can give, or somthing so beautiful to bring... So so many things still stay at the beginning, so many things will never reach the end... But what is good in the ends? Exept if that end is just a new beginning! Imortant thing is movement!... Actually, hwo cares???....
Well, I try to illustrate the fantasy world created by an young student of philosophy, in my way as a game, adding something from me of course, and with a little help from my friends of Atlantic rock group for the music.
BTW Atlantic was not named after Atlantic Ocean, but after Atlantic ancient civilization, we believe their artefacts still can be found here...
Anyway, check this site from time to time. I'll reveal this world for you step by step. Even the Lore page now is still empty, there will be interesting stories to read, strange places to see, nice music to hear.
Just enjoy!
29.12.2009 TWINS, the part one, at least is done!
  download TWINSThe THIRD of Pearl's Dreams is about how The Fairy Queen decides to bring back Pearl in the Dreamland by herself.
She trys to seduce the innocent girl, pretending, that she is Pearl's twin sister. It's much fun if you let her do so, or not, making Greedy to bring you items, transforming flowers make also new clothes and special items, etc.
You have a really Recicle Bin and using it in a right way may give you dresses of pure energy and. an Angelic Circlet, but be careful with useing them... You can seal The Fairy Queen and it's really hard to find which is the order, and which are the stars you have to light in the code disc, to unlock that Chastity Belt
This "Part One" is actually still a beta version... I jyst havent time enough to make everything to work properly, so I just excluded some of functions and the Nowhere Place. Hope, I'll make the "Part Two" - complete version of Twins Game soon in 2010.
Anyway the
HOT SPECIAL version is already available... .
30.11.2009 TWINS, the new one, third in fact, of Pearl's Dreams is coming soon!
  After some current checking for bugs, I'm going to release at least a Part One of it, or a beta version for the most impatient of Pearl's fans.
I think, there should be a lot of fun! Not only be cause of the unusual relations btween the two girls, but also since after many changes and replacements, you will not know which of the two girls is the real one Pearl! And this is important if you'd like to rid off of the fake one. Why? You'll not want at the end for Pearl to become an ugly scarecrow, and the winning Fairy Queen cheater just to desappear leaving you with empty hands and broken heart, will you? ;)
See the NEW screen shots!Many new other thing are there too. Some other toy, a real Recicle Bin where you can really recicle things, or combinations of things, hi-tech and hi-magic chastity belt with a dial ring, which different star code combinations may cause such unexpected events...

And another good piece of news! I'm back to Samodiva project too.
Now she transforms into an Unborn Maiden, and it's opposite - the fierce Demonica. Both armed with some special mighty weapons. Why they should need such? Remember that goblin Torbalan. He become so aggressive and really very, very, very bad guy so just to cut his head is not enough at all!
See the NEW screen shots!Poor ugly creature... Pity about him... well, I'll try to teach him how to show his sensibility and tenderness, and maybe in some cases he could be happy with her... ;)

27.05.2009 Ten years since Pearl, the fairy from Dreamland, lives here!.
  Work in ProgressActually we have selebrated her birthday more than a month ago in Dreamland. ;)
Well, now I'm back. Jobless again, which is too bad... But the good thing is, that now I have enough time for Pearl, and now I can finish at least some of the games about her new dreams, if I do not dye from starving till then of course. :D
Go to see more about these
new projecs. Work in Progress
22.12.2008 Merry Christmas!!!
  Some new changes in SAMODIVA site. Screen Shots!New screen shots added.
Now you can see what will be next. Unborn Maiden and Demonica, and what will happened at the end of the game!
  The long time waited SAMODIVADOWNLOAD! new update is already done! DOWNLOAD IT! Samodiva in Fire  -  NEW update!
It's named
"FIRE" and she should dance on the vivid embers to defeat the evil power of the Dark Stone. You may kill some creatures, and she can resurrect them. The forest has its own life, even if you stop to play for several minuts, you may see something you never see during playng the game. Many things there, many events, many effects. Hope, there will be much fun for you too.
15.10.2008 New Samodiva screen shots.
Samodiva New Screenshots Samodiva New ScreenshotsMostly from the new update, that comes soon.
She is just one step before successfuly summoning the spirit of her beloved. No, not just one step, but dancing in the fire...
Well I present to you a new funny character. The goblin Torbalan. He is a big "collectioner". He gets in his bag
, stollen from the Scarecrow, everything that catches his attention. Rumors sais, he even steals children and eats them... No, I don't think he would do such things here, but in any case, never show this game to the children!! ;) Samodiva NEW screen shots
07.09.2008 Wide screen wallpapers.
  1680 x 1050 Cosmic and Nature series,
and there will be more soon.
Widescreen wallpapers
  Download me!Samodiva actually is still in an experimental stage.
Here is the last version, that was on the CD.
There will be more updates for it, when I find enough time to do so.
07.11.2007 Not new game yet, but at least new pictures... ;)
  WALLPAPERSHere are some new wallpapers, and will be more soon! Wallpapers
23.10.2007 Long time waiting for something new? OK, just screen shots by now...
work in progress Still work in progress, but at least you can see what it will look like.
work in progressTWINS! Has really Pearl a twin sister? You can see, well, twinkling seven fairies and The Fairy Queen Her Self. Winter Tale
17.10.2007 Long time no seen? I know, I know... well, I'm still here.
  There are some good news and  bad news
The bad news are,
no more CDs! Maybe some day I'll make "The Scarecrow CD2" but it will be for kids only versions...
The good news are, that I'm still working on the new Pearl's dreams series. The work goes slowly, but some day it will be done.
Also, there may be some other new things. At least walkthroughs will be html help files, with easy navigation etc. Such is already done for "Bath Time"
11.05.2006 Pearl's dreams - Winter Tale Walkthrough
  See, if you have missed the half of the game... ;) Winter Tale
21.03.2006 Pearl's dreams - "Winter Tale"
  The second part of the Pearl's dreams series. Winter Tale
09.01.2006 Happy New Year!!! :)
  But still you can see some screen shots from Winter Tale... ;) Winter Tale
I hope, it would be still winter, when you could play this...
01.10.2005 Pearl's Dreams - Cloud Nine Walkthrough
  OK, I wrote it at last... ;) Cloud Nine Walkthrough!
01.09.2005 Pearl's Dreams - Cloud Nine
  The first part of a new series is already done. Cloud Nine!
07.04.2005 Hot Chicken - Shadow Demon Final Release!
  Uhh... What's it, that's it! Hope finally there are not crappy bugs anymore.
16.03.2005 Work in progress - Pearl's Dreams 2 - Street
  Have you ever dreamed, that you've been walking half naked on the street?
People have been watching at you... and there has been no place to escape. What a shame!
Hehehe... poor Pearl. ;)
03.02.2005 Work in progress - Pearl's Dreams - Cloud Nine
  The first part of a new series about Pearl.  Cloud Nine!
24.12.2004 The Shadow Demon addition to the Hot Chicken set.
  DOWNLOAD IT! :)Now the Shadow Demon, your enemy, become your servent. :)
Well, he's not too good as a waiter, but when he serves you a beautiful sleeping girl on a platter, its a good time for fun!
It's all in this Hot Chicken fast food store story. I wished to add more funny objects and events there, but this set become so big, that only in the best computers it can run normal. On your machine Pearl may have some some difficulties with walking and flying.   This set reached the limit of possibilities of PlayFKiSS! :(
I hired a professional programmer to make for me some faster and better viewer, but I cannot say, when and if it will be done. Till then, I quit with the big projects I have. Maybe still I'll make some little sets with short story... You still may see some of Pearl's dreams next year.
20.11.2004 The long waited Samodiva update is finally done!
  Download!It's the second update "Earth".
Many improvements, a new outfit, some new objects.

CD owners only!
The CD released after this date IS updated.
16.10.2004 Work in progress - The Shadow Demon goes well. :)
  I believe it will be done for Christmas.
22.06.2004 Well, working on several sets at the same time, nothing is close to be finished... :(
Hope, at least there will be a new Samodiva update soon.
01.05.2004 Work in progress - Pearl's Birthday - Does it need a remake too?
01.04.2004 Work in progress - The Corn Field Remake
  The Scarecrow first game now looks bad, comparing to the next ones... I mean, rough graphic, too static characters etc... I think, I must remake it, giving Pearl all features, she has in Hot Chiken set.
??.??.2004 Work in progress - The Shadow Demon
  I decided to make an addition to the Hot Chicken.
If Shadow Demon is a waiter, and serves you Pearl on a platter... It should be fun! :)
Hope to finish this till the end of the year...
08.03.2004 See if you can get it. :)Hot Chicken walkthrough now available.
04.12.2003 Hot Chicken  - 2002
  2002 to 2003... it took me two years to finish this part.
Pearl now is working as a waitress in a small fast food store "Hot Chicken".
In the previous sets she was a bit static. Now she walks, jumps, sits down, and even she can fall down the floor. More animation with everything. Much efforts, but I think it worths.
26.06.2003 Samodiva update
  It's the first update "Wind".
For CD owners only!
17.09.2002 All of my work on CD!
  Get the CD!All HOT versions!
All walkthroughs, and entire web site, screen shots, tips and tricks etc.
Samodiva. Something totaly new!
22.08.2002 See if you can get it. :)Bath Time walkthrough available.
18.12.2001 "The Scarecrow 2001" - Bath Time.
  Pearl in her bath room...
She could be a girl, a beast, a reptile, a pink devil, a plant-girl, a fairy, and even an ice statue.
You see her back view, and her front view in the big mirror. More animations, more interactivity, more difficult game.
15.07.2001 "Devil Woman" addition to The Scarecrow 1
  Now you can play "The Scarecrow 1" with two beginnings, and several ends.
It's published in the web-site as a "kids only" version, but a special hot version is available for "grown up enough kids" too. :)
Walkthrough included.
If you're not afraid of the Devil, go for it!
How to get the HOT version.
31.01.2001 See if you can get it. :)The Scarecrow 2000 walkthrough available.
07.09.2000 "The Scarecrow 2000" - Pearl's Birthday - addition.
  After you save Pearl from the Shadow Demon in the Magic Garden, she invites you in her home...
More animation. She can draw, she can read, even she can play guitar.
10.04.2000 "The Scarecrow 2000" - Magic Garden.
  A new story about Pearl... Almost from the beginning... How did she
become a scarecrow? What she actually is?
Two new characters appear. Greedy, a friendly imp, and your enemy, the Shadow Demon.
24.12.1999 "The Scarecrow" - Christmas Card.
  Just a Christmas KiSS set. No connection with the game.
New look for Pearl. Smoth shading, better graphic etc.
She grows up a bit. :)
21.10.1999 "The Scarecrow" level 3 addition.
  Full of magic! many more items. many more events... and lots of surprises... If you do something "naughty" the three nasty gnomes will tie up Pearl, and try to turn her to a scarecrow again...
The girl is much more interactive than before!
15.07.1999 "The Scarecrow" level 2 addition.
  Now you can kiss her once...twice....many times. If you like, she will let you DO even more...
I've added a little coin game to level1. It will either take you to the second level, or she will leave you...
01.04.1999 Pearl was born! :)

"The Scarecrow" first KiSS set, known lately as "Level 1" of "The Cornfield" was created.
You have to turn an ugly scarecrow into a beautiful girl, and then she fals in love with you...
It gives the name of the entire series. At this time I was new with KiSS, and I never thought, that this girl, I've designed with much love, could catch somebody's else heart too... :)
Thanks, people, for all of your love, for so many years!!!

 It took years of hard work and still takes much of my time. What I have shown here is just a little part of what I already have and what is on my mind about The Scarecrow. Any support, sponsoring, or donation that will help me to keep that work FREE in the net, will be very appreciated!