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Maybe this is the biggest KiSS set of the world, and it's really not just a paper doll. It's a KiSS-based GAME!

NEW! Living Pictures 2

All Pearl's teaser

About the Game

7. Pearl's Dreams 3
  Twins - complete (1 + 2)

6. Pearl's Dreams 2
  Winter Tale

5. Pearl's Dreams 1
  Cloud Nine

4. Hot Chicken

3. Bath  Time

2. Pearl's Birthday

1. The corn field

Work in progress:
Pearl's Dreams
The next dream...


Would you believe, that a scarecrow may have a heart? And you can turn such an ugly thing into a beautiful girl? Even more! She can also fall in love with...YOU.:))) Just remember, if you do not behave like a gentleman, you will lose her very quickly...
because she's something special..., but what?
A FAIRY, or just a DEVIL?...

Pearl, the virtual girl, may behave just lika a real one. All emotions, mood, trouble or happiness as she was your girlfriend. She likes to receive gifts, and she adores flowers. As a magic creation, she may be transformed by them into a fairy, into some furries, even into a reptile or a devil woman. Different look - different behaviour, so be careful.
Pearl is very sensitive, her body too... Every touch to every part of her may make her to react in some amazing way. You can caress her, you can even kiss her... she likes to be kissed... everywhere... Be nice with her, and she will let you all, and will be yours allover...
Once you meet Pearl, I'm sure, you'll be in love with her!

Download the games for FREE, using "Downloads" button on the main menu

First you have to download and unzip in a folder all zips for each game.
Every single game should be in its own folder. Do not mix files from different games!

Extract archive files one by one in the order they are numbered. Do not expect, that if you click on the first one, all the other files unzip automatically! Most of my games were updated at the time, and there are some mew adds in them. So some old files may be replaced by new ones for some of the games.
Second, download and install PlayFKiSS 083b.
For the people familiar with Kisekae Set System, I should say, that my games are designed especially for this program, usin some special features in it, and even using some bugs for effects I made, so my games do not work properly with other similar programs like DirectKiSS etc.
Third, run PlayFKiSS, go to the folder of the game you want to play and load the CNF file..
This program can play all of my games, and thousands of other similar ones, you can find in the net.
Fourth, just enjoy!
What you may do is simply "take" by the mouse some items, you find in the place you are, and "put" them some where else you think they should be. If there is somebody, see what reactions you have "touching" the different parts of the body, head etc. What happens if you "give" something, or if you try to "take off" something...
In the left upper corner there appear kisses as score points. If you have got a beating heart, you've got some bonus, or you may go to the next level. Well, feel free to ask me, if you have some trouble with the games, or if you really want more, an you really can, ... well, buy me a beer, and we'll see then there...

The true story

About this girl Pearl, Greedy the Imp, Dreamland, etc.

"The Scarecrow" series took many years of hard work and still takes much of my time. What I have shown here is just a little part of what I already have and what is on my mind about The Scarecrow. Any support, sponsoring, or donation that will help me to keep that work FREE in the net, will be very appreciated!

Now "The Scarecrow" first CD!FOR THE TRUE FANS
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Can you feel the magic
that's called simply "Love"?
It's a
White Magic!
It is there
in the air.
It's around us,
it's inside us...